Tips for Lion Roaring Drawing


If you want to draw a lion roaring then this article will provide you with some tips on how to do it. Unlike other simple cartoons and pictures, lions are very complicated drawings, but not impossible. With the proper knowledge and skills of drawing you can draw a lion and make it look like a true lion. Lions are among the most favorite drawing animals that people love to have as their favorite drawing. And if you are one of those who love them, then you will surely find this article useful. 

This article provides easy ways to draw a lion roaring on the net and at the same time educates you on how to draw good quality lion drawing online. This is a great online drawing lesson resource for anyone who wants to learn the basics of drawing online and have as many tips and tricks as they like. In this lion drawing tutorial, we will cover some basic things that you need to know about. This includes:

The lion roaring drawing begins with the most essential aspects of drawing. These include understanding the important features of a lion and the different kinds of head shapes that are used to draw them. Among all these, three main varieties are the closed face, open face and the curved lines. Among these, it is easier to understand the curved lines as it has more details that will help in the drawing process. 

To begin with, you need to have a good understanding of the basic lion head shapes. It consists of a single broad side and two smaller sides. The snout is wider than its face. The most prominent feature of the lion is the large and bulging eye. The smaller half along with the rounded side is what you need to draw to have the lion head.

You can draw the lion roaring by first creating a base. You need to be well prepared with your black pencil. You can start creating a rough outline of the body and the stripes on the upper part. Next, you should add the stripes and narrow side at the top of the head. For the most attractive look, use a darker color for the stripes while using lighter color for the eye area. 

Then, you should add highlights of the eye and the brows in the drawing. You can use an external light or a candle to highlight these areas in the drawing. For best results, you can create highlights on the side of the head where most of the details are concentrated. You can use an external light to get the best result of the detailed drawing. The next thing that you need to take care of in this case is the resolution of your page.

In order to have the best-looking drawing of the lion roaring, you should reduce the size of the image before beginning drawing. Make sure that you do not create a huge drawing as it will make the drawing more difficult. Also, make sure that the background colors are not distracting for the viewer. To get a better result, you can use transparent picture paper and draw on the background. 

Now, you can add the human figure in the lion’s head and proceed in the step above. You can also add the tail to the lion and make it more appealing by making the overlap of the straight and curvy curved lines. For the best-looking drawing of the roaring lion, draw it on the same canvas but with different shading. You can apply dark or light shading to the drawing to get the best appearance.

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