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eye drawing
eye drawing

Hi, I am Jia and I am here to guide you about the painting of different things including girl drawing, hats, eyes, and eyelashes. Creating a drawing is an art and it needs perfection. Therefore, I am here to provide you a complete step-by-step guide to draw the face and eyes perfectly. In case you are a beginner and are confused about drawing eyelashes then have a look at the procedure for eyelashes drawing.

Before we start make sure you have a complete tool kit with you. The stationery items you must have

  • HB pencil
  • 9B pencil
  • Blending stump

These are only three things you must have. Along with keep with yourself eraser and sharpener to keep your eye drawing neat.

Step 1:

eyelashes drawing step 1

Take your 9B and HB pencil. Make sure these are sharpened to draw the sketches of eyelashes neatly. It is a very important step when you are learning about how to draw eyelashes. 

Now the next step to follow the eyelashes drawing is to draw the U curves in the upper eye line. Below this curve again draw U Curve.  

At the end part of the U draw a line. It will create the appearance of the lashes. You have to follow the same process with the lower lash. The first step of eye drawing is to create a major sketch. Moreover, the U curve must be according to the eye shape you are going to draw.

Step 2:

eyelashes drawing step 2

After completing the first step for eyelashes drawing now you have to take a 9B pencil. To get complete guidance you can watch my video tutorial given below. You have to attach the two lines on the outer corners as you can see in the video. Furthermore, color this part. Now you have to draw a small line between these two lines.

Step 3:

eyelashes drawing step 3

Now you are near to the guideline about how to draw eyelashes. You have to make the line dark in a similar way you apply the eyeliner. Moreover, outline the inner part of the eyelash. You see now you are almost done with making the eyelashes drawing.

Step 4:

eyelashes drawing step 4

Just like you have drawn the upper lashes and learned from the eye drawing now draw the lower eyelash.

Step 5:

eye drawing

After completing the upper and lower eyelashes drawing, Finally, draw the outer line of the eyelash to give a complete look.

This is an easy tutorial for eyelashes drawing. Follow these steps with concentration and you will able to know about how to draw eyelashes. Now you can easily start eye drawing and bring perfection to your sketching. Collect your stationery and start practicing the eyelashes drawing.



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