How to Draw a Lion – 5 Easy Steps For Beginners



In this animated video we will learn how to draw a lion quite easily for kids. They are normally super strong animals that many kids love to portray. Super Strength, Quick Attacks, Huge Body, Tough hide and Elegant Cape. They can also be very expressive, funny and quite scary or very cute and cartoonist.

You’ll need some basic supplies for this drawing lesson. For this easy how to draw a lion, you will need; black colored crayons, poster board, white crayons, graphite pencil, rulers, paints, brushes, scissors, and pencil, and most importantly, your imagination. Remember that your children will not be able to tell you why they don’t like the drawing or why they think it’s not good. It’s up to you to let them know that drawing is a creative art form and they should be enjoying every second of it.

For this step on how to draw a lion for kids easily, first draw a lion head. Make sure that it is slightly larger than you want the actual lion to look like. Use the graphite pencil to shape the most prominent part of the lion’s head. This will be the eye.

The second step on how to draw a lion for kids is easy. You can do this by making two separate pictures. One as an actual lion and one as a drawing of the lion’s hind leg. Make these two pictures into separate cartoons by moving your mouse over the pictures to indicate which one is which.

The next step on how to draw a lion for kids easily involves learning how to identify a lion’s features. To do this, draw a lion head on a piece of paper and study how it looks. What sort of features does it have? Does it have a mane? Is its paws large and bushy or short and slender? There are a lot of different characteristics that you can observe to help you get a better idea of what lions really look like.

The third step on how to draw a lion’s easy step is to learn how to identify the number of stripes that make up the lion’s coat. Use a checkerboard pattern to make sure that all of the stripes match up and don’t stick out in a different color. There should also be a number of spots on the coat that correspond to the word lion and that start with the letter R, S, T, or Y. These are used to help identify the lion from other similar looking animals.

The fourth step on how to draw a lion easy steps is to learn how to sketch in the different areas where it has its coloration. For example, it has two brown stripes down its back, two black stripes near its eye, and a lot of white around the mouth and throat. You will also notice that the tip of its tail points out, which is its rump. Keep in mind that all of these stripes, spots, and stripes will change in appearance depending on the light, so be sure that you get drawings for free how to draw the lion easy drawings that reflect this.

Finally, the fifth step on how to draw a lion with this easy step tutorial is to practice what you learned. You can simply take a piece of paper and write down what you’ve learned from each step until you’ve mastered it. You can then take that same piece of paper and draw a lion from memory. It may be hard at first to be able to recognize the details of what you’ve seen in a guide book, but with time and practice you should start to be able to do this. Learning how to draw a lion is going to take some time, but if you follow the above tips you should have no problems getting started and learning how to draw a lion easily.

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