How to Draw Lips – Learn These Tips and Get Started Fast



Are you one of those artists that dream about being able to draw perfect lips? For some, the face is the most beautiful canvass that they can work on. Unfortunately, most people don’t have naturally pretty lips, so it is up to the artists to recreate them. Of course, not only can an artist recreate them but he or she can make them appear extremely realistic as well. To help you learn how to draw lips, continue reading this article.

The first step when learning how to draw lips is to draw a simple smile. Create a square, diamond shaped, straight edge by starting with the center of your mouth and drawing outward. Then use the darker part of your toothbrush to shade in the sides of your mouth. This will help define the sides of your mouth and give you the appearance of wider or narrower than you actually are.

Next, in learning how to draw lips, it’s time to move onto creating the creases in between your teeth. To do this, create a kneaded eraser by moving your pencil in a “sizer” motion until you get the desired effect. With your kneaded eraser, start moving it out away from your original position and towards the center of your lips. Now, with your eraser, try drawing the kneaded eraser inwards and then outwards.

The next step in learning how to draw lips is to start erase some of that leftover whitish area that may be left behind. You should probably do this over again until you get it just right. If you find that more whitish area remains, that’s ok. You can start eliminating it one step at a time. Just be sure not to erase too much of it or else you’ll be left with a line between your teeth when you look at yourself in the mirror.

One last tip on how to draw lips: forget about all those fancy, expensive brushes that are being used in drawing. Those things are only there to give you that nice, fancy look. They really have no function other than to make your drawing job look much easier than it really is. Instead, use an easy to handle pencil for all of your drawing work. This is also a much easier option for beginners and kids who are trying to learn how to draw lips.

Now let’s take a look at some more steps on how to draw. The very first thing you should learn when learning how to draw is how to hold your drawing pen. There’s a simple way to draw a straight vertical line by starting out with a horizontal line. Start drawing the top of your mouth along the horizontal line, then do the same for the bottom. This is known as the beginning stage.

After you have finished drawing the upper lip, continue on to the next stage of how to draw a lip. With your new shaded pencil, begin shading the lower part of your mouth. For now just use light shades and do not add too much shading. This will help you keep your drawing smooth and even.

The next step is to do the darker shade of your lips. You need to continue following the previous step and just continue drawing the darker shade as the previous step. You will notice that your lip brush didn’t get covered in the darker shade of your lip. That was because you were shading in that area before. Continue in the same way you did in the previous step. The end result will be nice even color and natural-looking lips.

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