Poetic Aesthetic Entertainment


The most important factor in judging a poetic aesthetic entertainment is the plot. The choices of the poet must be plausible and the characters must have appealing characteristics. The next three factors are the Vividness of imagery, Mood and Background textures. When all three elements are present, a poem or play is considered successful.

Vividness of Imagery

Vividness is a phenomenological descriptor that distinguishes imaginings on experiential grounds. It is not absolute, but varies in degree. Kind proposes four features of phenomenal vividness, and considers defining vividness as a combination of these features.

It is an important characteristic of the poetic art form. When used effectively, it appeals to readers’ senses and imagination. It allows the reader to empathize with the poet and enhances the poetic aesthetic entertainment value of the work. Whether in a Shakespearean sonnet or in a social commentary, imagery can appeal to readers by evoking an intense imaginative experience.

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