How to Draw Anime Facial Expression – 3 Basic Steps For Beginners



Anime girl angry face is one of the popular subjects you find drawing tutorials on the internet. It may be because they are cute and look easy to follow or it may be because they are very difficult to do. Regardless, learning how to draw a face step by step can be a fun and effective way to learn how to draw anything. If you are someone who likes anime, then you will truly enjoy doing this.

When you plan to learn how to draw a face, use curved lines instead of straight ones. When you draw with straight lines, it looks unnatural and hard to achieve the desired effect. When you draw angry cartoons, you use curved lines to make it look more natural and easier to accomplish.

Learn how to draw a face by starting with a good idea. Make sure your idea is not too complex. If it is, it will be hard to get the right look when you are finished. Try to have fun with it. Cartoon drawings can be made fun by using some basic drawing skills and practicing over again until you have perfected it.

Learn how to draw a face by first drawing the basic features of the face. You should always begin with the head. Use light shading to make the features look natural. You can add details to the body later. For now, just sketch the general shape of the head. You can continue to add details to the other features as you go on with your cartoon drawing guide on how to draw an anime character.

  • One of the main tips in learning how to draw a face is to use the short curved line rule. This is a drawing tip that can help you get a realistic looking expression. It involves creating a triangle from the top most point of your forehead to your eye. The length of this short curved line should be around the same height as your hair. When you have drawn a simple triangle, change it to a long and straight line to get a more natural look.

Another popular drawing tip for anime boys is to practice drawing the eyebrows. You have two choices here: you can do it with the flat side view or the side view. Doing it with the flat side view will allow you to see how the expression goes. This is more recommended if you want to put a particular expression to your character. Drawing the side view drawing will give you a good idea of how the expression should actually look like in the actual show.

With these steps, you will surely learn how to draw angry expressions easier. When you feel confident that you have learned all of the tips given above, you can already start doing some sketches. Start with small things like the nose, eyes, and ears. After that, you can move to the other parts of the body. Do not worry about the details; after all, it is supposed to look simple.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways on how to draw an angry face step by step. You do not have to rely solely on reference materials or books. Instead, you can simply go online and search for tutorials on how to draw different cartoon faces. This way, you will not only save time but also learn from the simplest steps. So what are you waiting for?

  • The second step on how to draw anime facial expressions is using shading. You need to be familiar with basic drawing techniques if you want to bring out the best results. In general, it is best to apply a neutral tone to the shading so that you will not ruin the drawing. You can make use of different mediums such as graphite, clay, paper, or even charcoal. In any case, just remember to stay away from metallic mediums such as steel and silver since they will easily give off the wrong effect. It is also important to remember to apply light pressure with steady strokes.
  • The third step on how to draw Anime facial expressions is learning how to blend your drawing technique. Once you have learned how to draw the different expressions, the next thing that you need to do is to determine which parts of your model should get colored. This way, you can get the best shading effect on your expressions. To do this, you can use light colors such as cream, light blue, and pale green. This will make it easier for you to determine which parts of your model need to be colored. Aside from this, you will also discover ideas such as making your hair look better using dark colors and you can improve your cheekbones by coloring your hair and eyes.

The last step in this tutorial is learning how to draw Anime faces by applying different shading techniques. After mastering the first three steps on how to draw Anime faces, you can now concentrate on shading the other areas of your face such as the hair line, the eyebrows, and the chin. You can apply a light shade of gray for your eyebrows and you can use a dark brush for your chin. After completing all these steps, you can now learn how to draw Anime faces and enhance your skills on how to draw Anime.

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