How To Draw A Face – Step By Step Tutorial On Face Drawing


Learn how to draw a face by following the steps given below. This article was inspired by my search for how to draw a face step by step on the internet. I was trying to learn how to draw a face and ended up getting more frustrated than happy with the process. After some research, I learned that learning how to draw a face doesn’t have to be such a nightmare.

If you are new to drawing, then you will want to follow this how to draw a face tutorial. It will give you an insight into facial expressions and help you learn how to draw better. After reading this tutorial, you will be able to pick up different facial expressions and use them in your drawings.

  • Let’s start with some facial expressions. I really didn’t understand how to draw a face before, so I borrowed some free anime wolf pictures from the internet to get started. You can easily find these online at various websites. You should look for a picture that has at least two expressions. The first face I made was very basic and I simply went back and added some shading to make it look more natural.
  • After I got the facial expressions, I wanted to know how to draw a face step by step using some simple pop art. I started off with this one. I went right into the eyes and created some circles around them. After that I added some smoke and Smokey eye effect, then used dark colors to round off the look.
  • When it came to the next step, I knew that I wanted to take a break from the free anime wolf pictures that I had and went back to the drawing table. I turned to some of my other books that I have been collecting over the years and picked out some cartoon faces. These were ones that would go great as scared face drawings. So I went back to my pop art and started doing some new sketches.
  • After I got more comfortable with the pencil techniques, I decided that I wanted to try a hand drawing some animations. So I got myself some vinyl stickers and some clay. I started out with a couple of the stickers, but I decided that they were a little too plain. So I went back to my book on how to draw a face and did some experiments with clay. These clay drawings were some of my favorites, it was so interesting to watch the expression of my clay characters.
  • After that I wanted to learn how to draw people and do some short skits. I decided that the best way to go about it is to break down the different body parts and create an anatomy lesson. I got a friend of mine to help me out with this, he knew a lot about human anatomy and he took these pictures as my reference for how to draw a face in Photoshop. I spent many hours perfecting my own creations. After that I decided to move onto some more scary ideas and did some very simple sketches of monsters.

So if you are a headless horseman or ghost or whatever type of scary character you like, why not take a few minutes to do some easy sketches? It will brighten your day and give you inspiration. If you want to do more advanced work, you can always check out the step by step drawing tutorials that I have available. These are great because they show you how to draw a face with basic shapes and colors.

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