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girl face drawing
girl face drawing

Hello painting enthusiasts I am Jia and I am here to guide you about girl face drawing. Although drawing a human face is somewhat tricky yet if you follow the right steps and practice them then your will definitely reach your target. As we all know practice makes perfect so try try and try to make cute girl face drawing efficiently. Now if you are wondering how to draw a girl face then I have listed a few steps, follow them to make a perfect girl with a hat drawing.

Here I am going to guide you about how to draw a girl wearing a black and red hat. So beginners get ready to learn the girl face drawing same as Farjana Drawing AcademyBefore you start first complete your tool kit. It must include

  • Scale
  • HB pencil
  • 9 B pencil
  • Eraser
  • Blending brush
  • Blending stump
  • Soft charcoal pencil
  • Black pointer
  • ORO red color pencil
  • Simple eraser
  • Gelly roll pen
  • Charcoal powder

girl face drawing stationery

Step 1:

girl drawing step 1

The first step to follow for the girl with hat drawing is to make points and lines according to measurement. You can check the measurements in my video tutorial. The link is given below. Click on it and draw the measurements accordingly.

Now mark the points and match them properly to make the general face shape. Make sure it is the girls face so the chin must be shorter. Don’t elongate it as it gives a masculine look. 

To bring perfection to your drawing follow the steps carefully. Attach the upper points and then attach these points. After that at point 2.5 cm attach it with the line. To give a shoulder shape mark the points. Furthermore, round the corners to make a shoulder line.

Step 2:

girl drawing step 2

The next step for the cute girl face drawing is darkening the neckline to make it prominent and then come towards the face features.

Now for the girl with hat drawing you have to draw the lips line, shapes of lips, and draw her neck bone lines to complete this step.

Step 3:

girl drawing step 3

Now for moving to the next step that how to draw a girl face with a hat you need a blending stump to blend all parts of the face and neck. Use the blending brush and blend the whole portion to bring softness to your sketch. Now take the charcoal powder and spread it on the neck area.

Point to ponder. If you don’t get the charcoal powder conveniently then you can make it easily at home. Check my video of the stationery tutorial to get a guideline to make charcoal at home.

Use a small amount of powder and spread and blend evenly with help of the big blending brush.

Step 4:

girl drawing step 4

You are moving to the completion step of girl face drawing.  For this, you have to pick the red color to shade the lips of the girl. Moreover, use the same red color to shade the ribbons of a hat.

Step 5:

girl face drawing

The final step for the cute girl face drawing is coloring the cap with the help of the soft charcoal pencil. Use the blending brush to blend the cap to give it a neat impression. Color the cap again. If you want to know how to draw a girl face and give it a tidy appeal then color it several times and blend it to bring uniformity to your sketch.

Lastly, color the dress of the girl. Use the black pointer to shape her hat. To give the girl with hat drawing  final touch use a gel pen and make a cut line on her hat. It’s done now. Your cute girl face drawing is ready to display.

Now you have an answer about how to draw girl face with a hat. It is super easy and you can get perfect in your drawing by practicing. Although you are a beginner now but after several times practice and by following steps properly you will be drawing master quickly.

Moreover, If you want to more interesting girl drawing blogs, check my YouTube Channel and also Jia’s Art Blog.



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