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Cute Girl Drawing
Cute Girl Drawing

Hi, I am Jia and this guideline is about the girl drawing. I have listed each and every step to help the beginners to know how to draw a girl. If you are a painting enthusiast then you will learn it quickly. The complete tutorial is also available at the YouTube Channel. You can subscribe and also watch the cute girl drawing.

little girl drawing is a little bit challenging as you have to draw carefully so your painting looks very much close to the girl image. If you concentrate on the steps then you will definitely feel the girl drawing easy and interesting as well. 

Let’s start the girl drawing tutorial. Before you set up your paper first complete the list of stationery you must have with you. It is important to complete your kit so you continue little girl drawing without any hindrance. The list of tools and stationery items you need for girl drawing include

  • Scale
  • Hb and 4B pencil
  • White chart paper
  • Eraser
  • Black pointer
  • Blending stump
  • Blending brush
  • ORO colors
  • Paper cutter

Cute Girl Drawing Stationery

1st step:

Cute Girl Drawing Step 1

To draw the face of the girl you have to draw a vertical line in the middle of the chart paper. It is long enough to accommodate the height of the top part of the shoulders, head, and neck. The main purpose of this line is to ensure that the girl’s drawing will be accurate. It ensures that both halves of these upper body parts are of relative width. Moreover, it will be helpful in providing the equal positioning and spacing of the little girl drawing.

Now it’s time to draw a circle in a way that the vertical line stays in the middle of the circle. Moreover, it will present the top of the head. Draw all the basic shapes that you see in the video. Make sure all measurements must be according to the tutorial shown in the video. Attach the lines to give a shoulder shape. Furthermore, make a line parallel to the shoulder shape draw the arm of a girl. Now erase the measurement lines.

The next step for the cute girl drawing is to make the 1.4 cm line to draw a frock of the girl. Start making hairlines and draw her arm and hand holding a flower basket. This is the first step of drawing and you see that how that girl drawing easy and simple.

2nd Step:

Cute Girl Drawing Step 2

The next step for the little girl drawing is outlining with the black pointer. You have to outline the midlines of a hat and outline the tie.

Now use the red color and color the tie.

Now take the pointer to outline the basket and all parts of the body.

3rd step:

Cute Girl Drawing Step 3

Now you are near to the completion of the cute girl drawing holding beautiful flowers.

Use the black pointer and outline the flowers and basket. Use red color to shade the flower and green color to give a complete look to the leaves.

Use the black color to shade the basket.

4th step: 

Cute Girl Drawing Step 4

You are now near to get the answer to the question that how to draw a girl. In this step use the HB pencil again and draw lines in a frock.

Add some shading to the shirt, frock, and hat. To give a neat and tidy appeal use the blending stump to blend these parts of the drawing. Now outline the dress and use 4B pencil to outline the hat.

Shade the hat and blend by using a blending brush.

5th step:

Cute Girl Drawing

The final step of the cute girl drawing is outlining the frock and drawing strokes in the hair. With help of a blending brush blend the whole part of the frock, hairs ad body parts. 

Cut the eraser with a sharpener and add the high lines in hairs. Now use HB pencil to merge the hairlines to create a complete look.

These are simple steps for girl drawing. If you are a beginner and want the girl drawing easy steps then follow the video tutorial and this procedure. You will find yourself an expert by practicing these steps two to three times. By following this guideline you can make cute girl drawing very quickly. So, don’t wait and quickly collect your items and start making a girl drawing.

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