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eye drawing
eye drawing

Hi everyone how are you? You are watching Jia’s art and this tutorial is about eye drawing. Many times it happens when we try to draw the facial features we get confused. The eye is one of the tricky parts to draw. Most people are unable to sketch this part of the face and wonder how to draw eyes step by step to bring neatness to their drawing. This tutorial is not simply about realistic eye drawing rather it will help you to guide have eye drawing easy with hijab. It is tricky to cover the eyes with the hijab. Let’s learn how to draw eyes and give your sketch the best look. 

Furthermore, have a look on video tutorial so you can easily learn about how to draw eye.

Before you start drawing first complete the list of the tools for realistic eye drawing. This include

  • Scale
  • Gelly roll pen
  • Blending brush
  • HB pencil and 9B pencil
  • ORO color pencil
  • Simple eraser
  • Blending stumps
  • Hard white chart paper

eye drawing stationery

Step 1:

eye drawing step 1

The first step for the simple eye drawing is to make an almond shape according to the measurement of the face you are sketching. Draw a line in the box and draw a scarf around the face of the girl. To make the eye drawing easy first make eyebrows lies and erases the measurement. You can check the video to see the measurement and draw accordingly.

After that,  draw the upper line of the eye and nose line. To make a realistic eye drawing first make eyebrows shape. It will help you to make an eye accordingly. After that draw the inner lines of the eye to move towards the next step of the eye drawing.

Step 2:

eye drawing step 2

To make eye drawing easy we keep the sketch well aligned and shade to give the sketch a neat impression. If you have learned how to draw eyes and want to know to shade the eyes correctly then you have to follow the steps below

Use the 9B pencil and color the inner eyeball. Use the blending stump to even the shade of the eyeball. Again shade it darkly and blend to give a complete look. Color the eyeball by using the turquoise eye pencil. Over the eyeball apply the yellow color. Again use the 9B pencil to shade the eyeball and blend it.

After that, make lines in eyeball by using the 9B pencil. You have to do the same process for the second eye. 

Step 3:

eye drawing step 3

These are the steps that you have learned about how to draw eyes now it’s time to draw the eyeliner to give a tidy appeal to the eye. Complete your drawing by using the HB pencil. To shade the hijab use a 9B pencil. Shade it with HB pencil and then shade the eyebrows corner by using the 9B pencil. This is a simple eye drawing that you can follow and make a realistic eye drawing in a few minutes.

Step 4:

eye drawing step 4

The next step for the eye drawing is the blending of all shading. For this use the blending stump to shade the whole eye and then use the blending brush to even the shade of the eye. 

To shade, the bottom side of the eye use the 9B pencil and use the blending stump to blend the bottom portion of the eye.

Step 5:

eye drawing

The last step to know about how to draw an eye step by step is to draw eyelashes. You can blend the inner color of the eye and then use the white gel pen to highlights the parts of the eye. To shade, the hijab uses an HB pencil and then blend it. Now outline by using 9B pencil.

If you are passionate to draw the face and eyes then practice hard. In this way, you will able to create realistic eye drawings. I have taught you simple eye drawing so start practicing so you feel the eye drawing easy and very simple. Start practicing now and draw the eyes with a hijab just like professional painters.

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Love you all, thanks for watching and reading. Have a good day 🙂 




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