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Parrot Drawing
Parrot Drawing

Hi, I am Jia and here you will get a complete guideline about how to draw a parrot or parrot drawing? It is very simple to sketch a parrot as well as the two love birds sitting on the tree. The steps included are so easy that beginners can easily draw the birds drawing.

Painting is the best activity and drawing animals seem to be more fun. If you are fond of making animal sketches but need some useful tips as well as proper steps to draw a  parrots then here is a complete guide present. By following all details you can draw parrots like professionals. Drawing a parrot is easy. You have to focus on drawing some basic shapes to make a cute parrot drawing
So get ready to become an expert in making the parrot drawing and inspire your fellows

Before you start don’t forget to Complete Stationary and tools so you continue drawing parrots sketches without wastage of time.

  • HB pencil
  • Blending brush
  • Oro pencil in green color
  • Blending stump
  • Eraser
  • Hard white chart paper
  • Small erasers

Parrot Drawing Stationery

Steps To Follow

1st step:

Parrot Drawing Step 1

First of all, take an HB pencil and draw a simple sketch of two birds. You can follow the sketch guideline in the video tutorial to make parrot drawing easy way. For your convenience draw one small circle and one oval beneath it.

Now connect two circles with curved oil and then make a tapering guide to drawing a tail. Now draw a guide that will be a branch to make feet so parrot seems sitting in the branch of a tree.

Make a curved beak and then detail the neck and a head portion to create the realistic parrot drawing. Lastly, make the front wing and then detail the tummy of the parrot.

For creating a parrot easy make the stocky legs and round eye.

Now detail the claws and feet.

Your rough parrot drawing is ready. Now is time to move to the next step.

2nd step:

Parrot Drawing Step 2

The second step for the parrot drawing is the shading of feathers. You have to use an HB pencil. Start shading the bird lightly and now uses the blending brush.

To create the realistic parrot drawing blends the shade. Now outline the mouth and shade it. To make the cute parrot drawing you can take assistance from the video guideline I have shared with this link.

3rd step:

Parrot Drawing Step 3

After completing the shading of the first parrot drawing then its turn to color the second bird.

  • Create an eye outline
  • Shade the second bird with the same color you sued for the first bird.
  • Now colored the mouth of the second bird
  • To get the neat and cute parrot drawingto use the eraser and neat the shine part of the bird’s mouth.
  • Shade the bird again and use the blending brush to create a neat impression
  • Blend the birds to get the uniform blending of the parrots.

4th step: 

Parrot Drawing Step 4

Now let’s move towards the branches and view of the parrot drawing.

Blend the shades in trees branches.

Now neat their feet by using the HB pencil. Use the blending brush to create a clean impression.

5th Step:

Parrot Drawing Step 5

The next step to make the realistic parrot drawing you can draw the parrot branches on which these cute birds are sitting.

Use the green leave color to sketch the bird.

These are a few easy steps to follow to get an expert in drawing. If you be patient and watch the video carefully you will learn about how to draw a parrot.

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