Wlh Virginia Tech Campus


Students who want to explore different aspects of life while attending wlh virginia tech should take advantage of the university’s 13 living learning communities. These communities provide students with an alternative learning experience, ranging from community service to entrepreneurship. These communities are governed by the Honor Code, and violations will be reported to the Office of the Honor System.

Virginia Tech has a strong reputation for its engineering programs. While there is no minimum GPA requirement for admission, the most competitive applicants have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. In majors that have more applicants, this GPA may be higher. Wlh virginia tech is ranked among the top 25 public engineering schools in the country, and all of its departments are among the best in their fields.

Wlh virginia tech campus features several residence halls that house more than a thousand students. The newest is New Hall West, which has professional staff and student affairs offices on the ground floor. Other notable residence halls include O’Shaughnessy Hall and Newman Hall, both of which are co-ed.

The main administration building, Burruss Hall, has a 3,003-seat auditorium and several departments within the College of Architecture and Urban Studies. The original building cost $428,404 and was completed in 1936. The west wing and rear addition were completed later at a cost of $1,536,899 and $593,729 respectively. In the same year, the first commencement ceremony was held in the auditorium.

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