How to Complete the Fashion Report in World of Warcraft


One of the best ways to obtain MGP in World of Warcraft is to complete the Fashion Report challenge. It rewards you with MGP each time you complete it, and you can get bonus MGP if you are high-rated. Moreover, when you complete this challenge, you gain access to a wide range of unique prizes, including the Fashion Leader title. To get started, you need to talk to the Masked Rose in the Gold Saucer. She will tell you what the current Fashion Report theme is and how you can earn it.

During the fashion report challenge, you can choose from different themes each week. Once you have reached level 15, you will be able to choose from the themes available. After you have completed each challenge, you will receive a gold disc. This gold disc will unlock the Fashion Report in World of Warcraft. Each week, the Fashion Report will also offer rewards for those who completed it. For every five or six fashion reports you create, you will receive a minimum of 10,000MGP.

The Fashion Report is a weekly event that is part of the Manderville Gold Saucer. It is unlocked once you have reached level 15 and is updated every Tuesday. It contains themed clothing and will rotate in and out of the fashion show. Moreover, players can submit themselves for judging on Fridays. The judging is based on how good the gear looks.

To get the maximum reward, try to do the Fashion Report early in the week. This way, you can take advantage of free items and dyes. In addition, this method requires only a few hundred Gil and takes just a few minutes in the capital city. You can even use a Twitter account called KaiyokoStar to get weekly Fashion Report charts.

To complete the Fashion Report, you must know how to get a high score. The score depends on how well you can match the theme, and you will be awarded with a prize. Depending on your performance, you can earn three achievements based on the theme you have chosen. You can win 80, 90, or 100 points.

Most of the items you need for the Fashion Report can be crafted or purchased from the marketplace. In addition, you can get dyes from NPCs in the three city-states. Moreover, you can purchase them from the Market Board or friends. However, if you want to be a fashionista, you should start buying Fashion Report items as early as possible to avoid paying Market Board prices.

The Fashion Report mini-game is a weekly competition in Final Fantasy XIV. Each week, you must create a fashionable outfit using a theme. The difficulty level varies, but you’ll get the chance to earn rewards every week. You’ll also gain the advantage of higher ratings by participating more than once in a week.

One of the most unique features of FFXIV is its Fashion Report. It is a weekly activity that brings together players who are passionate about fashion and compete to be the best fashion enthusiast. Each week, the Masked Rose will assign a new fashion theme to the participants. The winner is judged on a scale from one to 100.

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