How to Promote Simple and Creative Drawings Through Instagram



Who does not like drawing? Whether you are kids or adults, we all like to sketch. It does not matter how good you would like to draw, but we all have some idea about how to draw. Moreover, during our childhood we all used to draw various animals or various superhero characters from novels. However, those were not professional drawings.

Furthermore, in case you want to learn how to draw it will be ideal to go to a professional teacher or view some tutorials. However, very few people know about it as you have failed to reach out to them. As an owner of a drawing school, you can use social media to reach out to your clients. Uniquely, social media plays an important role in interaction between you and your client.  Additionally, teaching various designs and techniques will be easy if you have a base like GetInsta app.   

  • Get involved with online mode

As far as marketing is concerned it is right now the most important topic. Regardless of the size of your business you as owner always want that your brand should be visible to others. Right now, in the digital era, people like to concentrate more on online mode than offline mode. Furthermore, in such cases, people like to use social media to be visible towards brands. Additionally, social media has immense followers who like to follow certain brands.

  • Engage the huge client base through Instagram

In some cases, people like to stay active for more than 7  – 8 hours. In social media people can share various photos. The best part is social media can help you to promote your brand. For any social media user, you can use such a medium without even paying any price. In such cases you can use Instagram. Furthermore, it is the second largest network after Facebook. It has such enormous popularity which shows in numbers. Additionally, over 1 billion active users always stay online on average 7 hours. You can imagine 500 million people are posting stories daily through free Instagram followers.

  • Check out some of the data

You won’t believe the fact that there are over 140 million users active in the US only. Where users browse only 35 minutes on Facebook, people like to browse on average 53 minutes on Instagram.  Furthermore, more importantly, over 71% of the business uses Instagram to deal with it. Another interesting aspect is that most of the Instagram users are between the ages of 18 to 44. 

  • Ideal business management through social media

With this above mentioned data you can imagine you can reach out to the maximum number of people with this data. Though it is owned by the same owner like Facebook, the algorithm is somewhat different. Furthermore, it helps out to deal with the ideal business management and case related to the branding. In addition, Instagram right now is a medium which is helpful for humanizing the content. It has become the global brand which personalizes the user experience through free Instagram likes

In Instagram people not only visit but also engage with brands. Furthermore, almost 59% of people actively visit various sites and they like to spend over 7 hours per week where they interact with their friends. Additionally, if you are willing to introduce a new product, there is no better medium than Instagram. As over 130 million people daily engage with shopping content. 


When you have a new product, you can sell this product in more authentic and friendly ways rather than using hard sales pitch. Furthermore, the main advantage of this product is that it is visual in nature. If you have some product which is noticeable and has some end result, Instagram is top medium. People can easily brand through Instagram followers free.

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