How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Face



How to Draw a Cartoon Cat is an easy way to learn the basics of drawing. Kids will love having their favorite cartoon character as their picture avatar. And they’ll love how easy and enjoyable it is to do it. Here’s a simple drawing lesson to teach you how to draw a kitten lying down on top of a soccer ball.

The first step in learning how to draw a cartoon cat is to learn the basic shapes and forms. You’ll need a soft piece of cardboard or other similar smooth surface. Next, you’ll need a pencil, markers, crayons (for shading), and a ruler. Let’s get started.

To begin your adventure, start by making a straight line with the pencil. Draw the straight line as your guide for the rest of the steps. You can choose from a variety of different poses. You may want to draw one of your cats sleeping, looking upward at the sky, or simply sitting in a pose of peace. There are endless possibilities. Once you have your base shapes finished, it’s time to add some detail.

Step two is to add some details. Use the colored pencils or pens for this second step. Draw your cat’s head and body in several different shades. Try to emphasize the facial features, and pay special attention to your cat’s eyes and ears. If you want to add some depth to your cartoon characters, it’s easy to do with black, gray, or white pencils.

Now that you’ve got your basic cartoon sketch down, it’s time to move on to step three. This next step is actually pretty fun. You can draw all kinds of things as your kitten’s play around. Try drawing a ball, a bat, and a truck! Drawing cars and airplanes are also great ideas for your cute cat art. And don’t forget about tail feathers, ears, and that cute little nose.

The last step in learning how to draw a cartoon cat face is to add some shading. Shading is simply adding light and dark spots to make the cat more 3-dimensional. This is very important because the lighter shading, the less detailed the picture will be. Dark shading gives your artwork much more impact and makes your pictures come alive.


The last step is to add some circles and squares to your picture. All of these simple shapes will add dimension and help make your cat drawings come to life. By using circles, squares, and rectangles you can draw a circle on your cat that is just a fraction of an inch across. You can then add in a square, and for a very tiny circle you can use a tiny circle so that it looks like a rounded shape. These are just a few easy ways that you can easily draw a cat that is unique.

So now that you know how to draw a cartoon cat, you’re ready to start your first black and white cat drawing. Don’t worry too much about how you look, just get down to drawing what you feel. Once you’ve mastered this art form, you’ll be able to draw almost anything. Cats are really fun, and with a little practice you’ll soon have your own unique set of drawings that you can share with everyone. So get your supplies together, and let your imagination run wild.

One of the most popular cats is the black cat, so one of the easiest ways to learn how to draw a black cat is to draw a mean cat. This is a wonderful cat that has its own unique look, and that black color. Nyan cats are usually bred in Japan and used as a fur coat. If you’re not familiar with this breed of cat, take a moment to visit a library or book store so that you can find a good way to draw a black cat drawing tutorial.

After you have learned how to draw cats in black and white, there are many other styles you can explore as well. Cats can be drawn using the American Indian style, they can be drawn using the Japanese tattoo style, or they can even be drawn using the Celtic style. There are thousands of cartoon cats out there, and it can be very easy to follow along with how to draw cats if you just study up a bit on this subject. It’s also very easy to do a few sketches in a very quick amount of time. However, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting an accurate portrayal if you’re going to get someone to sign a contract or something like that.

Learning how to draw a cartoon cat face isn’t quite as hard as you might think. You can go to any book store or even Google the term and you’ll find dozens of how-to guides for this skill. These guides will walk you step by step through how to draw each cartoon character in the most accurate way possible. Even if you’re an artist, you can follow along with the guides and make improvements to your artwork as you go. You’ll have a better understanding of what makes a good cartoon, and that can help you make better art pieces in the future.

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