Mary Beth Haglin


Mary Beth Haglin is an American substitute teacher who gained notoriety for having an illicit relationship with an underage student. Haglin is a native of Alexandria, Minnesota and graduated from Coe College, where she double majored in Spanish and English. She also earned a secondary education endorsement. She had few prior relationships, but in October of this year, she and a 17-year-old student began having physical relations.

Haglin has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual exploitation and has asked to have her trial moved outside of Linn County. Her former school district barred her from teaching in their schools, but she still continued to work as an elementary substitute. Her former principal, Ralph Plagman, resigned after an investigation that was incomplete. The Cedar Rapids Public School District did not respond to a request for comment on the situation.

Mary Beth Haglin is a former teacher, who had a romantic relationship with a 17-year-old student. Haglin’s relationship with the student began in October of 2015, and the school became aware of her relationship with him in February. The school began a disciplinary process in April 2016, and the video of the relationship was widely circulated.

Haglin met the student while Haglin was a substitute teacher at George Washington High School in Cedar Rapids. It is a high school that is regularly rated as one of the best in the country. The school is located along Forest Drive Southeast in Cedar Rapids. The two began dating shortly after, and eventually started a sexual relationship.

Mary Beth Haglin relationship with the student began when she was a student teacher at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The two began messaging each other online, and their relationship became more physical in October 2015. The pair sent each other nude photos, and the relationship ended in early June. The video was leaked in April. Haglin has admitted to having sex with the student. Haglin is not currently employed, but the school knows about the relationship and asked her to leave.

The incident was reported by a high school student, who went to her mother to report it. After the incident, the girl’s mother confronted Haglin. In response, Haglin wrote a confession statement and was suspended from her job. She has been placed on a sex offender registry and faces a two-year prison sentence. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office did not return messages seeking comment on Haglin’s case.

Haglin’s trial is set to start on Nov. 14, but she has requested that it be moved to a different county because she feels that the publicity surrounding her case is preventing a fair trial. Haglin has appealed the case, and is still waiting for the ruling.

Mary Beth Haglin has been suspended from her job at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa after being caught having sex with a 17-year-old boy. While the school failed to report the affair to the police, a concerned citizen called the police. She claims she did not want to leave the relationship, but the boy allegedly threatened to burn down her home. McGraw has offered to assist Haglin with counseling and a new career.

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