The 615 Hideaway Entertainment


The 615 hideaway entertainment is a Nashville based music and entertainment company that produces streaming video content featuring the diverse faces of the Nashville music scene. The company produces two to three shows each week featuring new music and live performances. Founded by Sammy Passamano III, a third generation music industry professional, the company’s goal is to connect Nashville’s music community with those looking for quality, independent music.

David Parmley has recently signed a multi-album deal with the 615 hideaway entertainment. His latest single, “All Dressed Up,” was co-written by Geoff Buell, Linda Buell, and Jody Emerson. The song tells the story of a man who dresses up for a date, but who has nowhere to go after the date falls apart. After the date ends, David is left in a state of confusion and wonder how to spend the rest of his evening.

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