How To Draw A Birch Tree – Artistic Tips



If you want to know how to draw a birch tree, start with a blank piece of paper or card. Next, get some birch branches and draw them on your paper. The branches should be curved and have leaves. At this point you will want to decide how large you want the tree to be, how many branches it should have, and what color or type of leaf it should have. As you are drawing the branches, remember that they may not look exactly like what you see in the picture. There is a lot of free advice available online if you are having problems.

At this point, it is best to use a bit of shading. This way the tree can stand out and be seen. You can draw on the branch tips with a pencil. When learning how to draw a birch tree with a pencil, it is best to start out with small branches. Get a pencil and a sheet of cardstock. You need a medium size drawing paper, possibly larger so you can hold it up and get the proper angles when drawing.

  • Step One – the shaping of the branches. Now that you have all the basic shapes in place, it is time to start doing some very basic shaping. Use your pencil to give the branches some depth. Keep in mind that you want your branches to appear natural. If you want to know how to draw a birch tree, you need to remember that the branches are the actual part that will be drawn.
  • Step Two – Creating the actual leaf. The last step is to create the actual leaf. You must remember that the branches are what will be drawn, so start with a smooth surface. Use a small circle as your guide when creating the outline of the leaf on the card stock. Next you will need to add more detail to the card before finishing it with a thicker point for the thicker leaves.

  • Step Three – Adding the bark to the tree. When learning how to draw a birch tree, the second step is to add back to the branches. You should go about this in three different ways. Either draw it from the top down or from the bottom upwards.
  • Step Four – Starting with the bottom branch, draw vertical lines going from the bottom to the top of the branch. Then just continue along the trunk, making your way to the top. This creates the ridges on the branch that we are looking to. Continue with the other branches. Always draw these branches perpendicular to the trunk. This gives the branches more depth.

  • Step Five – Add more detail to your drawing by sketching in the side branches and top of the birch. The best thing about learning how to draw trees is that once you’ve created the basic trunk, you can add in all of the details. Think about how the light hits the branches. Use highlights on the branches and sketch in all of the different areas that you might want to highlight. Try and use as much color as you can, as even a single dot of paint can make all of the difference.

When you’re happy that you have the basic trunk shape and outline, it’s time to move onto learning how to draw a birch tree with actual leaves. Sketch in any of the details as you did in the previous steps. You’ll now have something that you can work on for shading and more visual impact.

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