How to Draw a Truffula Tree



Once you learn how to draw a truffula tree you can draw a whole forest around it. This lesson is loads of fun, as it’s quick and easy. Keep in mind to draw a few trees, both large and small, tall and short. The key to this tree drawing is knowing how to draw trees. The following steps will show you how to draw a truffula tree in 3 easy steps.

To start out how to draw a truffula tree, draw a rough sketch of the shape you want to get. Use a pencil to do this. Most drawing programs have tools to help you get started with this easily.

Next draw a circle on your rough sketch. Now draw a line inside of the circle at the height you want to use for the tree. Use the same color and thickness for the circles as you did for the main body of the sketch. You can choose to draw a bright color for the lorax or a darker one for the grass. It’s up to you how you go about making the trees.

The next thing to learn how to draw a truffula trees are the leaves. Choose a bright color to draw the white and blue ones for the younger children and dark colors for the adult. These can be drawn using a pencil.

To finish off this how to draw a truffula tree lesson, draw a bunch of small local pods on the outside of the circle made for the tree. These local pods are edible so be sure you include that information in your sketch. For fun you can draw a circle inside of the pod and then write “EAT UP” in the center of it. Cut off the bottom end of the lorax pod and use a clean fingernail to scrape off the hardened skin. Then use your fingers to smooth down the rounded outer edge of the pod.

Truffles trees are perfect for those who like to eat chocolate. If you add some dried fruit to the mix, you can see how to draw a truffles tree very quickly. Add dried fruits in the middle of the lorax pods and stick them in the air. If you do not have dried fruits you can try drawing a bunch of different types of candies. This is a great way to make the kids sit back and watch you draw!

There are a few things you will need to make this project go more smoothly. First, make sure your kid has a steady hand as you are drawing. Second, if you would like the colors to last longer, you can also draw with markers instead of using pencil. Lastly, make sure you are wearing a comfortable sweater because the draw truffle trees step and all will be on display when cold weather comes.

You can add many things to a truffle tree. You could draw a heart shape inside of the lorax and draw circles over the heart and around each of the loops on the loan. Use different color schemes in different places of the tree. Play with different kinds of colors and you might find that you can draw a truffula trees that no one has ever drawn. Good luck and Happy Crafts!

To make the tree itself, you will need some sturdy cardboard, paper, crayons, and colorful raffia. The cardboard will act as the base for the entire thing. When you get to this stage, you should already have the basic shapes for the truffula trees – circles, squares, ovals, and ovals with long skinny leaves. Draw the shape of the load on top of the cardboard. Then, write a variety of colors onto the load so it will print out in different shades.

Next, you should know how to draw a Truffula trees. One of the main aspects of the project is having a good layout of how the tree will look when the branches are lifted up. You can use any color scheme that you want, but I recommend using pink and yellow. Also, remember that you can use a variety of different shapes as well – ovals, rectangles, and even trapezoids. One of the keys to drawing this successfully is having a clean outline of the branches. When it comes to tracing the branches, you have to be sure you do it perfectly, or else you will have a lot of stray shadings.

The next step for how to draw a truffula trees is to trace the bottom portion of the lollipop-shaped Lorax. To do this, draw a horizontal line down the center of the lollipop, then a vertical one going two inches down from the left edge of the traced line. Now, draw a circle onto the traced line. Next, draw two ovals on top of the lollipop, then continue in a similar way to the bottom part of the lollipop. Once you’re done, attach the piece of paper that the Lorax will sit on, and you are ready to draw a truffula tree! 

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