Yuehua Entertainment


Yuehua Entertainment is a privately owned Chinese multinational entertainment group and talent agency with headquarters in Beijing. It was founded by Du Hua, a former Huayi Brothers employee. Its mission is to build a strong network of talent and promote its artists to global audiences.

The company recently unveiled the members of its new boy group TEMPEST. The seven-member group will debut next year. TEMPEST will be known for their bright energy and strong performances. The group has unveiled a logo motion film, official social media accounts and a concept photo. TEMPEST has been teasing fans through various social media accounts and revealing the faces of its members.

Yuehua Entertainment is a Chinese entertainment agency and record label. It was founded in 2009 by CEO Du Hua. The company has produced numerous international and domestic pop groups. It also co-manages the girl group WJSN. It also manages solo artists. Yuehua Entertainment is one of the largest entertainment companies in China, and has a slew of international and domestic talent.

The agency also announced that Yiren will be in China from mid-January to February. The singer had not been able to travel to her family due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yuehua Entertainment stated that she is going back to study, but some fans believe she is returning to China because of a New Year greetings scandal.

Yuehua Entertainment is a Chinese entertainment group that also has a division in Seoul, Korea. The company’s main activities include film and television production, artist management, artist training, public relations, and entertainment marketing. It has many partnerships and collaborations with companies like Pledis Entertainment and Starship Entertainment. However, it also maintains its own creative and management divisions. This helps the company in globalizing its business and expanding its reach.

Yuehua Entertainment has a growing network of digital personalities. It has acquired a number of popular talents such as Zhou Dongyu, Chen He, and Janine Chang. It also invests heavily in digital personalities on Douyin and livestreaming platforms. These new digital personalities are called virtual idols.

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