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YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Min Suk, resigned from all positions at the company due to negative press. The company has been battling negative publicity for some time, especially with the Seungri’s Scandal and the tax evasion investigations. He was considered a replacement for Yang Hyun Suk, who stepped down as CEO last year. Yang Min Suk is 46 years old and was born in 1973.


YG Entertainment was founded by former Big 3 Entertainment executive Yang Hyun-suk. He is best known as the lead singer of South Korean pop group Seo Taiji & Boys. In the 1990s, he turned his talents to music production, and he is now the head of the company. He is the CEO of YG Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. While serving as the CEO of the company, he was also a top-selling hip-hop and pop singer.

The new CEO of YG Entertainment has already addressed the recent scandals involving the company. In March 2021, Choi Pil-woo, the company’s CEO, wrote an article in Korean. The article was published by MK News, and YG was forced to make a public statement in response to the controversy. The company was also accused of buying KMP Holdings, which was acquired by KT Corporation in November 2012.

In recent months, Yang has also been accused of police corruption and drug use, which have plagued the company. The company’s 21st annual shareholder meeting was held on March 22. The board decided to keep Yang Min Suk as the company’s CEO. Other outside directors will include Choi Sung-joon and Shanghai Fengying Business Consultant Partnership Ltd. Jo Young Bong, the CEO of E.N Cast, will serve as the company’s chairman.

At YG’s 21st annual shareholder’s meeting on March 22, YG’s shareholders agreed to keep Yang Min Suk as CEO. The company’s board of directors will remain the same and Choi Sung Joon will continue to serve as the executive director. The board also agreed to appoint new outside directors, including E.N Cast’s CEO Jo Young Bong. In addition to the above, the board of YG Entertainment has voted to keep its current CEO, Yang.

Yang Min Suk will remain the company’s CEO. He will continue to serve as an executive director. The company’s other outside directors will be Choi Sung-joon and Shanghai Fengying Business Consultant Partnership Ltd. respectively. The company’s board also decided to appoint Jo Young Bong as an executive director. This means that Yang will be the next CEO of YG Entertainment. While he may have faced more controversies in the past, it has been successful in addressing their concerns.

In March 2015, YG Entertainment announced the creation of HIGHGRND, an independent label. The subsidiary was headed by Tablo, who had been the CEO of Epik High. The company was aiming to reach the Korean indie scene. After establishing the brand, Tablo introduced Hyukoh as the first official artist. After a few months, the YG entertainment CEO quit and was replaced by Choi Sung-Joon.

After a series of controversial allegations emerged, YG’s CEO quit the company. The news came as a surprise to fans. The YG group’s founder, Yang Hyun-Suk, is no longer in the company. However, he will remain an executive director, while Choi Sung-Joon will serve as an outside director. The firm will also appoint Joon as an executive.

Yang Min Suk will remain as the CEO of YG Entertainment. He will also be the company’s executive director, along with Choi Sung-Joon, as well as its outside director. In addition to Choi, Yang will also serve as the company’s executive director. YG’s outside directors will include Shanghai Fengying Business Consultant Partnership Ltd., and the E.N Cast CEO Jo Young Bong.

The YG Entertainment CEO has been a target of insider trading. The company was caught by a police investigation after YG executives acquired shares in other companies using their employees’ names. According to the report, the company’s CEO was one of those who engaged in insider trading. Despite the scandal, Yang Min Suk continues to stay in his job. Aside from his criminal past, he has been accused of violating the law and violating the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission.

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