Warcraft Tech Priest


The Techpriest is a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus, a priestly order of Mechanicum. These priests have a wide range of powers, and their most senior members assume titles such as Magos Dominus and Tech-priest Dominus. Their Forge Worlds serve as the repository of technological knowledge. The seat of the Adeptus Mechanicus is Mars, and the fabricator-general of Mars is the de facto leader of the Cult Mechanicus. He also holds a seat on the Senateum Imperialis, or Council of High Lords of Terra.

In Warcraft III, the Tech Priest is a powerful character with an array of weapons and abilities. His main weapons include the Volkite Blaster, Macrostubber, Eradication Ray, Phosphor Serpenta, Power Axe, and Microphone. The tech priest arsenal also includes a loudspeaker and microphone. His armour also comes with a Citadel 50mm Round base.

The Tech Priest Robe is a bit too clean for Mars, so it needed to be weathered. To achieve this, I painted it in Krylon primer to create a greasy, sooty look. I also applied Krylon Rust Red to the white areas around the hood, sleeves, and hem.

While tech-priests often view their machines as spiritless automata, they do sometimes perform original research. These results are strictly quarantined for many years before being made public. In this way, they protect the secrets of the Machine God. Mechanicus tech-priests lead forces of battle-automata and augmented warriors, as well as the Omnid Torquora, who orchestrates the war against the Iron Warriors. He also has skitarii legions and battle-servitors under his command.

Tech-priests are adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus and members of the Cult Mechanicus, a priestly society of scientists, technicians, and religious leaders. Their duties include providing the rest of the Imperium with technicians and anti-corruption wards. They also serve as overseers for repairs and rites performed by the Machine Spirits.

Most Tech priests are Enginseers. These priests are dedicated engineers who worship Omnissiah, a god of mechanical technology. They can be found in nearly every institution of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and are often assigned to regiments of the Astra Militarum and other parts of the Adeptus Terra. The Cult Mechanicus is a highly technical sect dedicated to the maintenance and repair of Imperial technology.

In the Cult Mechanicus, the Machine God is a manifestation of divinity in the universe. This immanent spirit governs all machinery, technology, and knowledge throughout Creation. It is also considered friendly to Humanity and the source of all Human knowledge. The Machine God is the supreme object of devotion.

Cybernetic lungs increase oxygen processing efficiency and resistance to airborne toxins. This trait is useful for preventing airborne toxins from damaging the Tech Priest health. The system of pipes and tubes also regulates the body’s temperature. Using these weapons will allow the Priest to increase his AC by +1. So, the tech Priest has a new level of protection compared to his ancestors. So, he has a much greater chance of hitting an enemy with a powerful ray.

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