The Lib Tech Orca Snowboard


The Lib Tech Orca is not your standard fish-shaped snowboard. With a whale tail and 7-meter radius, this board can handle everything from hardpack to backcountry riding. Its Horsepower Construction, Sintered Base, and upgraded C2X technology make this snowboard a true all-mountain killer. If you’re looking for a new board, check out the Orca. You won’t regret it.

The Lib Tech Orca is a wide, shorter board that has excellent edge hold and is a blast to ride. It’s also very floaty, so it’s perfect for backcountry freestyle riding. However, you’ll need to know your limits to get the most out of this board. It can feel a bit loose or have a tendency to auto spin when you’re riding it.

If you’re into ripping steep terrain, the Lib Tech Orca is a board you’ll want to consider for your next freeride tour. The Orca’s design is reminiscent of a killer whale, which can gobble up cliff drops and serve up face shots. The Orca has a wider shape than a normal snowboard and is 6cm shorter than a standard stick. As a result, it is perfect for steep terrain, tight tree runs, and backcountry freestyle.

The Lib Tech Orca was designed by Travis Rice in conjunction with experiMENTAL Division. It’s an all-terrain freerider and is perfect for intermediate to advanced riders. The directional shape and tapered profile give you a great edge hold, while the wide waist makes carving easier and gives you float in the pow. Overall, the Orca is a great daily driver. You’ll find yourself on it for many years to come.

The Orca has a lot of power. The Apex Orca is more powerful than the Golden Orca and is fun for the whole family. While you’re enjoying your time in Sequim, take a few minutes to check out the Orca Conservancy’s website to learn more about the nonprofit organization and how it helps the marine mammals.

The Lib Tech Orca Snowboard is a great choice for those looking for a shorter board to ride the sidecountry. This board is endorsed by Natural Selection’s Travis Rice. The board features a Horsepower Construction, C2X Profile, and Basalt Alloy reinforcement to help you maneuver around the mountains. It’s one of the most versatile all-mountain boards on the market. If you are looking for a new board that can handle everything from sidecountry terrain to resort terrain, the Orca will be an excellent choice.

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