That’s Entertainment in Worcester Has Great Comic Book Signings


For comic book fans, video games and pop culture, Thats Entertainment Worcester is the place to go in Worcester. With over 10,000 square feet of space, this store has everything you need to become the coolest kid in town. From action figures to comic books, this store has it all. Not to mention its Batman Day! It also has great comic book signings, so you’re sure to find a few books you’ve never heard of.

Batman Day at That’s Entertainment

This Saturday is Batman Day at Thats Entertainment Worcester. There will be special guest comic book artist Mike Lilly, along with inker Bob Almond, signing books in store and providing free sketches to kids. The artists will also give mini commissions for Batman fans. Each sketch will be unique and is limited to one per person. The event is free and open to the public. This is a great opportunity to meet the man behind the comic books, whether he is a fan of the superhero or just a big fan of the character.

Batman fans will be able to enjoy free face painting at the museum and other special events in Worcester on May 7. The Worcester Art Museum will hold a weekly drawing club for kids on Wednesdays that have a Batman theme, and Saturdays there will be a Bat-themed drawing club. Participants will be able to draw Batman or use the museum’s drawing supplies to create a bat-themed shield. Admission is free, but participants can bring their own supplies.

The event will be free and open to the public. As part of the celebration, attendees will get to take home 5 FREE comic books. Artists will be in attendance painting faces and drawing comic-related characters for the public. In addition, cosplay is encouraged and there will be store credit giveaways to people who dress as their favorite characters. The event is sure to be a fun day for everyone! So, grab your friends and family and head out to Thats Entertainment Worcester to celebrate this popular event.

The annual celebration will also include the release of an anthology of Batman stories from around the world. This will give fans the chance to reminisce about their favorite comic book character. There will be special Batman publications and comic book merchandise to buy. The event will also feature live performances from actors and musicians. And as part of the event, fans can also enjoy special guest appearances by their favorite Batman characters. This is an excellent way to reconnect with Batman and celebrate the superhero who never dies.

Comic book signings at That’s Entertainment

On Saturday, September 21, That’s Entertainment will be celebrating Free Comic Book Day. Featured guests include inker Bob Almond and guest comic book artist Mike Lilly. Both artists will be signing comic books and signing mini commissions for fans of all ages. Mini commissions are free, but limited to one per person. To reserve your mini commission, please call That’s Entertainment in advance. There are limited spaces, so get there early!

That’s Entertainment is a pop culture emporium based in Worcester, Massachusetts. It opened in 1980 and has been in business since then. Earlier, it was known as Same Old Bat Channel, and the company avoided the recession-era business decline that hit many independent comic shops across the country. It kept the majority of comics in stock and expanded to video games and DVDs. Founded by Paul Howley, That’s Entertainment is an institution in the Worcester community for comic book collectors.

That’s Entertainment’s location on 230 E. Main Street is an ideal place to attend a comic book signing. Not only will guests meet the artists and get their autographs, but they’ll also have the chance to buy free comics and other merchandise. The store also sells vintage video game hardware, including Sega Genesis consoles and Nintendo 64 controllers. If you’re looking for something more affordable, You can also pick up some classic board games at thats entertainment worcester.

There’s even a photobooth for those with an appreciation for comic books. The Trubble Club, which has modified the Photobooth for the purpose of capturing true essences of people, will be there to interpret psychic signals from the photographs. CAKE will provide refreshments and snacks, and free comic books will be available while supplies last. There are no other comic book signings in Worcester, MA, but you can check out this fun event and get some cool freebies.

GiftRocket at That’s Entertainment

With GiftRockets for Thats Entertainment Worcester, you can give a last-minute online gift with ease. GiftRockets are a great option for any last-minute gift, from birthdays to weddings. Plus, GiftRockets have the added benefit of flexibility, as they can be given wherever the recipient may be. And, unlike a traditional gift card, you don’t need to worry about the recipient receiving a physical gift card.

Disadvantages of selling comics at That’s Entertainment

When it comes to selling comic books, There are many advantages of selling them at Thats Entertainment Worcester. These Worcester-based retailers have been selling pop culture items for over 30 years. Earlier, that company had only one store, but has since expanded into two locations in Fitchburg and Worcester. While the Worcester store has more space and a larger inventory, it is more difficult to get into all the new categories. Despite this, that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for sellers to expand their business.

Another advantage of selling comics at That’s Entertainment is that the store is surrounded by fun items, from video games to toys. They also sell comics and stock over 600 new titles each month. Prices are reasonably priced as well; many issues are only $3 each. The store has more than 20 employees and sells more than $500,000 worth of comic books annually. And that’s without even counting the new digital comics that are coming out of DC Comics! DC has announced that comics will soon be available on any device with a Web connection. That means newcomers may come into the store and try out different titles.

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