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The Detroit Institute of Arts is making art education easy, accessible, and fun for kids. Thanks to its new virtual tour, fifth graders at Vernor Elementary-Middle School have a chance to visit the museum virtually for the first time. They haven’t taken a field trip to the DIA since March 2011, but they can still join the fun by watching the galleries from their computers.

For those who are new to Detroit, you can take a virtual tour to get a feel for the place. The DIA’s campus is in the Cultural Center Historic District, two miles north of downtown and across from the Detroit Public Library. There are special exhibits and galleries on all three floors. For a more personal view, take the free DIA Virtual Tour, a free online tour that provides insight into the DIA’s mission.

The tour features an interactive section that asks students to respond to prompts verbally or type. They then form a virtual art gallery. This interactive experience allows kids to explore and experience the DIA from the comfort of their home. To take a virtual tour, log on to the DIA website or watch a video on the DIA’s YouTube channel. It’s not a replacement for the real thing, but it is an excellent educational tool for young visitors.

The DIA’s educational resources page offers links to activities for students. These resources include math, history, and geography concepts through art exhibits. Teachers can also use the self-guided scavenger hunt sheets to find things that students should look for. You can also download lesson plans and multimedia resources for the DIA’s Virtual Tour. The Detroit Institute of Arts’ Virtual Tour is an engaging experience for children of all ages.

A Detroit Institute of Arts virtual tour is a great way to share art with children, even those who aren’t able to visit the museum in person. This educational resource will allow your students to see the works of art in an interactive, online format. The DIA’s website provides links to interactive galleries, which will help you navigate the museum. The DIA’s site also has a useful guidebook for teachers who wish to use the virtual tour to accompany their classes.

The Detroit Institute of Arts’ Virtual Tour is an educational resource for kids. With the tour, students can watch the DIA’s collection and learn about the art conservation process. Aside from this, the DIA offers several other educational resources for the students. Aside from the Detroit Institute of Arts, the Michigan Science Center has a virtual tour dedicated to space exploration. In addition to the DIA’s virtual tour, the Motown Historical Museum has a virtual tour. The purpose of this virtual tour is to trace the roots of the Motown sound system and document its impact on the 20th century’s popular culture and musical styles.

The Detroit Institute of Arts offers virtual tours that help students understand the art world. The interactive tour includes an audio track that helps viewers understand the works. A simulated experience can make it easier for students to remember what they’ve learned. The Detroit Institute of Arts’ interactive tours provide a great way for children to learn about the history and culture of Detroit. They’re also great for teaching about the history of music.

The Detroit Institute of Arts is a museum with over 100 galleries. It covers 658,000 square feet, or 61,100 square meters, and is constantly growing. During a recent renovation, the institute added another 5,400 square meters. The collection of the DIA is valued at $8.1 billion, according to an appraisal from 2014. It is one of the most comprehensive museums in the world, and is an educational resource for homeschoolers and educators.

Virtual tours are a great way to educate students about art and history. The DIA’s website provides lessons on art history, math, and geography through the museum’s exhibits. It also offers scavenger hunt sheets that guide kids through the museum’s galleries. A scavenger hunt sheet is designed to help students identify the items they’re looking for. In addition, the DIA has an impressive collection of multimedia resources that will help you teach your students while enjoying the DIA’s exhibits.

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