QB Joey McGuire Is the Son Texas Tech Track Coach


The news is not all good for Texas Tech’s quarterback, Joey McGuire. The offensive coordinator is the son of a Texas high school track coach. McGuire’s father also coaches at the Texas Tech track team. It’s a curious kinship between the two coaches and the two schools, but it does explain McGuire’s rise in the program.

joey Mcguire Texas Tech Quarterback

After being hired as the head coach of Texas Tech, Joey McGuire has already made a big impression on his players. The native Texan won three state championships in high school and spent five years as an assistant coach at Baylor. During that time, the Bears won the Big 12 title.

OC joey Mcguire’s Dad is Track Coach at Texas Tech

OC joey mcguire texas tech has strong ties to Texas, having coached high school football and track. His dad, Jim, is the head track coach at Tech. McGuire’s new job will give him a good foundation to build on. He is a native of Texas, where he won three state championships as a player. Before joining Texas Tech, McGuire served as an assistant at Baylor. While there, he brought infectious enthusiasm to Baylor fans.

McGuire’s Kinship with Texas high School Coaches

The new joey mcguire texas tech coach has an affinity for Texas high school coaches. The school has recently announced a $200 million project to renovate its football complex, including a new locker room, office space, and two-story training facility. Current players have welcomed McGuire’s arrival with open arms. The team’s quarterbacks have been embraced by McGuire, who expects multiple quarterbacks to take the field.

McGuire is a native of Texas, having won three state championships in high school. He later served as an assistant coach at Baylor, where his teams won three Big 12 titles. McGuire’s enthusiasm and energy are contagious and have captured the hearts of Baylor fans.

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