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The Process of Designing a Business Logo

Logo DesignThe Process of Designing a Business Logo


Logo design is an art that takes into account many things including visual communication and its persuasive effect on the audience. Logo design is an artistic profession and academic field whose activity is geared towards producing visual communicative interfaces intended to transmit certain messages to target social groups, usually with strategic objectives. In logo design, the key objective is to appeal to the audience. The logo should be attractive, easily readable and communicable.

Logos are generally prepared by graphic design professionals or logo designers who specialize in particular fields of logo design like for instance logos for automobiles. Car logos normally display a car’s model, manufacturer, and product information. The automobile industry is a highly competitive market where each logo design company tries to come up with the most appealing, interesting and unique logo that it can for the car brand.

In logo design, the most important thing to consider is the typography. The typeface and color palette must be chosen so that they complement each other and do not look too heavy or too light. In general, sans-serif typeface and a monochromatic color palette are used. It is also advised to choose a strong, durable and well balanced typeface. All the best!

The logo also needs to communicate effectively with its target audience so that it can attract them and increase their recall. A good logo design should be able to create an emotional response which is called brand awareness. Brand awareness is achieved when the audience recognizes the logo and associates it with a set of important company values. The logo thus becomes a vehicle for promoting the business.

When it comes to creativity in logos, it all comes down to having good imagination. Good logo designers are able to think outside the box and creatively manage the space given to us for designing logos. A good designer can create logos which will convey a unique and powerful brand image. They can do this by using words or images which strongly suggest what the logo design is all about. An example is a trademarked logo which is used by a brand to endorse and advertise its product.

After the research phase, it is now time to develop a concept that will enable the logo designer to create the final visual creation of the logo. Concept development is done through a series of analysis, modeling, experiments and thorough analysis. The concept developed will be tested on a number of audiences to understand their reaction. The better the feedback, the better the concept and hence the better the logo design! The designers will need to conduct a thorough research on the target market to know what kind of people there are who will be able to react in a positive way to the design.

The next step in the design process involves concept generation. Concept generation involves creating a number of possible designs which have real potential of becoming a business logo. This helps logo designers in choosing from a huge library of potential designs and ideas. It is during this stage where a designer can determine the look and feel that he wants to create for the particular logo design. After deciding on the concept, it is now time to find the artists who can do the work needed for designing the logo.

Designers also need to pay special attention to the typography of the logo. The typography refers to the way the symbols are written or displayed in a document. There are different types of fonts, such as serif, sans-serif and alphabets. There are also some specific types of symbols, such as bullets, ticks and circles. Some designers use special software to create logos, such as adobe illustrator, dream weaver or tiddlyex, so that they can be easier to create logos for businesses.

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