PAC MAN Entertainment


While the name may imply a casual, kid-friendly environment, pac man entertainment isn’t all that kid-friendly. The company has a variety of operations, from restaurant and food concessions to gaming and retail. The company hopes to revamp the concept of entertainment centers by adding socialization and team play to its menu.

The company has acquired a number of amusement companies over the years. Last year, it bought the operations of Sega Japan. In the same year, Namco USA was sold to three different buyers, including GENDA. The company plans to expand its business in three continents over the next ten years.

The game is available on a variety of platforms, pac man entertainment including video games, mobile devices, and PCs. It has a number of levels, each varying in difficulty. Pac-Man can die if his lives are 0 and he is surrounded by ghosts. The DIFFICULTY setting controls how fast Pac-Man moves and how fast the ghosts move. The lower the number, the slower the ghosts and Pac-Man can move.

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