Miko Glitch Techs


The Miko glitch techs are a group of hackers who have mastered the use of glitch codes in video games. Unlike normal glitches, however, these glitches can only be used on certain consoles. Ridley is one of these hackers, and he develops a method of hyper fast forwarding video games. Mitch is horrified, and he tries to stop Ridley from using it. However, Ridley is defeated when he accidentally releases a glitch known as “Drago-Kitty”.

The Miko glitch techs mission is to find the Copycat Glitch and kill it. In the process, Miko and Five form the Dream Team. They also serve Mitch’s Raid Squad. The Dream Team is ordered to wait outside while the Mitch squad is busy hunting the Glitch. Miko notes that Mitch used to be a good gamer, but is now a corrupted version of himself. Eventually, Miko follows Glitch-Mitch and finds out his true nature. The Five narrowly escapes being a victim of a Copycat plant Glitch.

Miko’s parents are Hugh and Mayumi Kubota. They support each other in parenting their children. Miko’s sister, Nica, is played by Rachael Russakoff. The other sister, Lexi, is played by Haley Tju. She is a sports perfectionist and an overachiever who promises to keep her brother’s secrets safe.

Miko Kubota is a sixteen-year-old Japanese-American girl with learning disabilities. She has ADHD and has been held back a year in school. She has just completed junior high school. Despite her learning disability, she works at Hinobi’s technology store and secretly runs her own Glitch Tech. Although she is a Glitch Tech, Miko also has an innate talent to kick high.

Miko has a nerdy side and is very competitive. Her temper gets the better of her and she starts to get jealous when Mike wipes out her high score. She begins to look for him and challenges him to a game to settle their score. She spends hours on one game, and then Five leaves to go to work. However, while she is playing, Miko accidentally causes a glitch which causes the game to glitch into an epic-tier “Code: Green”. This glitch causes a series of glitches, and the Glitch Techs quickly mobilize against the 100-meter Glitch monsters.

Miko can repair anything from a handheld Hinobi console to a whack-a-mole arcade machine. However, she tends to act like a jackass around her family and is prone to forgetting to apologize for mistakes. She can also be trained by a Glitch Tech.

The Miko Glitch Techs stickers are made of high-quality vinyl decals. These stickers are very adhesive and can be applied to many different surfaces, including computer screens, laptops, guitars, water bottles, and phone cases. They are available in white or transparent color and in 4 sizes. You can choose the size that best suits your needs. Just remember that these stickers are not permanent! There is a time limit on the time it takes for them to adhere to the surface.

Afterward, Miko and Five learn that the house belongs to Mitch. He has a strained relationship with his siblings. The siblings try to help him by giving him a pep talk. He then gives the siblings an AR Experience that helps them capture the Glitch. This allows them to win the game and also free the other Glitch Techs.

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