Making Lemonade With Utopia Entertainment


Creating world-class events for the senior community is the goal of Utopia Entertainment. It was created by a former school teacher with a vision to bring joy and light to the community’s senior citizens. It offers a variety of events, including concerts, shows, and parties, for a low cost. The company also provides meals and other necessities to those in need, which is crucial to the health and well-being of the senior population.

Utopia Entertainment is a World Class Entertainment and Lifestyle Events Company

Based in Burbank, California, Utopia Worldwide is a global themed Utopia Entertainment and lifestyle events company with offices in the United States, Japan, China, and Dubai. Founder and CEO Norman Kahn previously served as the Vice President of Entertainment for Universal Studios Hollywood, overseeing a $25 MM USD operating budget and 600 employees. From there, he went on to become the General Manager of Soundelux Showorks, a theme park production company, for two years.

As a world class entertainment and lifestyle events company, Utopia is committed to creating experiences that create unforgettable memories. Their mission is to help people experience genuine connection and transform their lives. Founded in 2002, Utopia Entertainment is a family-owned company that promotes authentic connection and transformation through celebrations. However, the company began as a small, home-run business with no previous experience in the entertainment industry or hiring staff. Still, Jodi Goone had a vision for Utopia and was determined to make a difference. Today, Utopia is run by her family, and the company values relationships, and creates incredible experiences.

It Provides Joy and Light to the Senior Citizen Community

With music therapy, Utopia Entertainment brings the elderly to life and restores good memories. Their mission is to bring light to the community by creating new memories. In 2021, a group of college friends decided to start the organization with a single goal: to help senior citizens experience the joy of music again. Through this mission, they have worked with accredited music therapists to develop unique music programs for senior citizens.

It is a Non-Profit Organization

The Utopia Production Team has successfully produced events for over 130 nonprofits, raising over 30 million dollars in generosity. The team’s unique approach has challenged many organizations to think outside of the box. Making Lemonade presented unique challenges that the team had to overcome, including utilizing multiple breakout rooms and a central virtual location. Presenters Joey Goone and Gina Passante walked attendees through the 3 major steps involved in putting on an event.

Through their programs, Utopia Entertainment brings new memories to senior citizens by incorporating music therapy into everyday activities. Music therapy is a proven way to create new memories for senior citizens, and Utopia has developed a program that works with accredited music therapists to deliver an interactive and enriching experience. The organization’s programs bring together music therapists, musicians, and senior citizens to make this happen.

Utopia’s mission is to inspire lasting memories through celebration. Through this, it fosters genuine connection and transforms lives. Founded by school teacher Jodi Goone in 2002, Utopia has evolved from a small entertainment company into a full-scale production company. Goone’s team of experts and creative vision have helped nonprofits nationwide sustain their mission and exceed their goals. If you want to help, consider sponsoring a Utopia event.

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