Cartoon Fat Cat Art – Learn How to Draw Your Own Cute Fat Cat



So you want to draw a fat cat, huh? I have some tips for you. First things first. You need to prepare the environment. Here I want to share with you a secret to make your fat cat drawing easier. The first thing you want to do is prepare a pencil or marker, paper and a few drawing supplies.

The first thing you’ll want to do is draw an odd oval (the fat cat’s body). Then you’ll kind of curve out the upper side which will be his face and add two more triangles to form ears. This will give us the basic shape of our fat cat drawing. Next thing you’ll want to do is draw the cat’s eyes.

Now we can start to draw the rest of his body. Keep in mind the basic rule of drawing: your eye can’t go too far from where the center of the canvas is. So keep your shoulders in line with your width, then draw your cat’s tail and jowls. The last thing you’ll want to draw is his face. To do this, just draw circles around his eyes and ears, keeping in mind you must have a straightedge to get a nice smooth look. If you use a handkerchief or towel, this will help him stay in line.

If you’re using a computer, you should already have your mouse attached to a USB port. Simply click on the image you want to draw and use your mouse to move it around the page. Using a pencil, start to draw the fur of your cat. Make sure you do it carefully so that you don’t over do it.

One of the best things about doing this Fat Cat drawing tutorial is that you can use your imagination. Cats are unique creatures. Some are shaped like their bodies and some are shaped more like their tails. With that said, it shouldn’t be too hard to make a sketch of them with just a little imagination. It also helps that as you go along, you’ll learn new things like how to draw a cat’s mane and tail.

Now let’s talk about the next part of this Fat Cat drawing tutorial. When you’re done with the fur, it’s time to put all those cute little fur balls to work. You can start by making them stand on end. Then put some water inside a bowl, drizzle it a little bit and throw in a fair amount of food, too. Then just wait for your cats to try eating it.

There’s one more important thing about this Fat Cat drawing tutorial. That is, if your cat decides to eat that food, then you have a drawing that looks very nice. If not, don’t worry, because you can remove the cat from the picture and start over. It’s as easy as that.

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This Fat Cat drawing tutorial shows you how to use curved lines to make your cat look happy and healthy. Curved lines can help make your cats body look good, while straight lines can make her look sad or fat. You can also apply shadow effects to make her look sad or fat.

You can learn a lot from this Fat Cat drawing tutorial. You can learn how to draw five simple steps to draw cats. First, you need to prepare all supplies. You will need a couple of pens, graphite pencils, paper, some markers (preferably not the yellow ones), and tape, among other things.

After you’ve read this Fat Cat drawing tutorial, you are now ready to draw your own cute fat cat. You can draw her sitting down, standing up, or even lying down. Just as long as you make sure that she is happy. Your drawing skills will improve as you continue practicing.

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