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If you’re a fan of K-pop music, you’re probably familiar with the names of many of the artists who make up JYP Entertainment. From the Wonder Girls to 15&, they’ve all starred on various music shows, and released numerous albums. The company has been around since 1994, and it continues to grow. As of 2017, the company has more than 5,000 artists signed to its roster. This list is by no means exhaustive. However, it should give you an idea of the wide array of musical genres that the label represents.


The most recent announcement that JYP Entertainment has made regarding the artists’ departure from the agency comes after reports that GOT7 will be leaving the company. According to the Korean newspaper Soompi, the group’s split from the agency was reported on June 6, 2017. The two left the company on good terms. In an article published on March 18, 2018 they noted that they were going to leave the company on January 1, 2022.

One of the characteristics that attracts JYP Entertainment is their desire to keep their artists humble. The company discourages bragging and encourages artists to take responsibility for mistakes they make. Although being humble is important in everyday life, being humble is especially important in the spotlight. As such, JYP Entertainment makes sure that their artists display these qualities. Listed below are some of their current artists. These categories have been created based on the most recent news and information, so they may not reflect the most up-to-date lists.

Rain joined the company in December 2000 as a trainee. She debuted as a singer two years later. After a year, she was able to build a subsidiary label for her music. In December 2002, JYP’s first boy group was the vocal-oriented group Noel, which failed to attract widespread attention. The company turned its attention to the duo brothers One Two in 2003 and 2004. In 2007, g.o.d. signed with JYP Entertainment after the Sidus HQ contract expired. They went on to win four Grand Prizes for Best K-Pop Group Artists.

Apart from these two, JYP also encourages artists to be humble. It discourages brashness and encourages artists to admit their mistakes. Having humble character is crucial in the spotlight, and this is a characteristic that is valued by the company. This can be a sign of a successful artist. So, if you’re a fan of JYP Entertainment, you’ll find that the label values a great deal of pride in its artists.

While JYP Entertainment has a long list of artists, some of them have recently left. Changmin, for example, left the company after 16 years. Min, meanwhile, left on good terms and has since signed with Big Hit Entertainment. Both singers, however, have been linked to JYP Entertainment since the company’s founding. The label has had a long history of success in K-pop, and the group has been one of the most prominent in the industry in the world.

The label has a history of letting its artists choose their career paths. JYP Entertainment artists include rappers, singers, and dancers. The company is known for its diverse music styles. Among its most popular artists, g.o.d and Rain were idol groups under the company. Sunye was also a solo artist under the company. In addition to their debuts, they also have a long list of notable albums.

The agency is known to be a leader in the music industry, and its artists are no exception. The company has released several albums by famous artists, including K-pop and idols. While some of these artists have risen to fame, some others have struggled to find their place in the world. While they’re talented, they are not always the best choice for the label. It’s also important to consider the reputation of the company.

One of the biggest names in the entertainment industry is JYP Entertainment. The company was established by Park Jin Young in 1997 and has a headquarters in Seoul. Its artists include the Wonder Girls, 2AM, and god. In the US, it has opened a branch in New York and is considered one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea. With so many artists signed, JYP is the leader in promoting Korean music.

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