Glitch Techs Season 3: A Recap of the Best Episodes


The latest season of glitch techs season 3 has seen producers take the show in several different directions. The season premiere introduced us to a group of friends who were excited about starting a new virtual reality game company. Things quickly went awry when two of the owners became disenchanted with how their partnership was going, and they decided to leave the company to pursue separate interests. This dealt a serious blow to the other members of the team, especially after we learned that leaving their company meant they would no longer be receiving equity or royalties from its profits. This sense of betrayal amplified as we saw what happened next: some of them turned sour on the whole idea, while others resolved to move forward with their own ideas instead. That realization brought them together again for another episode, but it also made it clear that there was no going back from this point on. The remaining team members spent September working towards a better future for their business, and we got to see several different solutions pop up throughout Season 3. Let’s break down our favorite episodes in detail!

“The New Company”

The team began glitch techs season 3 with a new business idea: building a virtual reality game that helps people deal with their grief. The concept came from one of the owners, who was dealing with the loss of a family member. While this was a well-intentioned idea, it wasn’t quite right for the team’s needs. The game was too simple, and it didn’t specifically address what the other owners were dealing with. This episode also saw the return of T.J., who had gone on a trip to Hawaii with his girlfriend. When he came back, he reinvested in the company, increasing his shareholdings by 10%. He also gave the company a new name: Highrise Games.

“The Elevator Pitch”

The team began September with a new challenge: finding a way to raise money. The previous season had ended with a major blow to their business: two of the owners decided to leave the company, and they decided to leave because they were unhappy about the direction their partnership was taking. They decided to pursue their own interests, essentially burning any remaining bridges with the remaining team members. In glitch techs season 3, the remaining team members faced the challenge of regaining their cohesiveness while they figured out how they would move forward. That challenge was amplified when they began to hear whispers of other companies in the same industry raising money. They did have a strong product, but the team worried that investors would simply look at the situation and walk away. To get around that problem, some of the owners began pitching their game to potential investors. These pitch meetings turned out to be a disaster, as the team members were awkward in their interactions with investors. The team began to see cracks in their foundations, and they were terrified at what the future held for them.

“Company Going Public”

The team began the season with a new challenge: figuring out how to keep their business afloat while they raised money and developed the next game. The first thing the owners needed to do was develop the next game for the Highrise franchise. This meant that they had to figure out how to mix together the game’s elements, while also making sure that it fit well within the franchise’s world. They also had to figure out a way to turn their small fanbase into a larger audience, while also guaranteeing that they would receive the proper royalties from them. That was a difficult challenge, especially with the team members dealing with their own issues. Some of them were beginning to lose faith in their vision for the game, while others were still dealing with the aftermath of their partnership fallout. The team members had to put aside their own personal hardships to figure out how they could keep their company alive. They also had to do it while on a tight budget. When they finally figured it out, the owners were able to raise money from investors and take their company public.


The team began the season with a new challenge: figuring out how to promote their new game to an audience that was already excited about virtual reality games. They had the game and the concept for their next game was sound, but there were two huge roadblocks that stood in their way. The first was the issue of their previous game’s poor reception: the people who had played it didn’t enjoy it. The second was the issue of their previous game’s poor reception: the people who had played it didn’t enjoy it. The team members recognized that they needed to work together to overcome both issues, and they began by creating a new game that was inspired by the reception of their previous game. They wanted to create a game that was a modern version of the classic arcade game Space Invaders. The owners wanted to create a game that was designed to take advantage of virtual reality.

“Outside Forces Enter the Picture”

The team continued the season with a new challenge: uncovering the identity of the person who was leaking sensitive information about their company. The company went public, and the owners were excited about their new investors and employees. They were also excited about the product that they were developing for the next game. That excitement quickly turned sour when one of the team members recognized that someone was leaking sensitive business information. The owners were able to crack the case, and they found out that the information was being leaked by the new CEO of a publicly traded company. The CEO had an axe to grind with the founders of Highrise Games, and he was willing to do anything to get back at them. The owners began to look into legal options, but they knew that they could go one step further. They could find out who the CEO was and get him fired. That would send a strong message to the CEO and his other business partners, and it would also give the owners a chance to figure out what to do next.

“Resetting the Game”

The team began the season with a new challenge: figuring out how to make an arc that focused on the characters of their new game. The owners were excited about their new game, but they quickly realized that they needed to figure out how to keep the game’s world alive. This meant that they would need to revisit the two problems that were plaguing their original game. The owners realized that they would need to cast aspersions on their franchise’s original concept. They might be able to do that by revealing that their new game was actually inspired by the old game’s concept. That was a dangerous move, but it was one that the owners had to make. The owners would also need to make sure that their new game had a strong concept that could be the thing that kept the franchise’s world alive.

The Final Episode – The Conclusion

The final episode of Glitch Techs Season 3 served as a conclusion to the season, as the owners of Highrise Games looked back on the year that they spent developing virtual reality games. They also looked back on the changes that had taken place over the course of the season. The owners had to face the challenges that come with developing new games, as well as the challenges that come with regaining the cohesiveness of their team. They also had to face the challenge of promoting their games, as well as the challenge of navigating the business world as a public company. The owners also had to deal with the change in their personal lives, as well as the changes that came when they began dating new people. During the episode, each owner reflected on the previous year and discussed what the future held for them. They also reflected on the season as a whole, and they discussed whether they would continue to pursue virtual reality gaming as a career. At the end of the episode, the show shared a series of statistics about the audience’s viewing experience.

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