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Whether you’re looking for a new piece of glass art or a new way to show off your talent Glass Arts Indiana Inc. has you covered. The company was founded in 1997 and has an impressive history of creating beautiful pieces of art. While many companies are limited to a few types of glass, they offer an incredible variety of creative glass art. The company’s mission is to inspire people to make art with glass and to inspire others to create their own.

You can visit Glass Arts Indiana, located in the Circle City Industrial Complex, for a monthly “First Friday” event. You can also visit Lisa’s Hot Blown Glass Studio, a private studio and gallery in Clayton. The organization even has a social media account for people to share their creations and learn more about glass-blowing. There are numerous opportunities to create art with glass in the Indianapolis area. If you’re interested in learning more about the craft of glass, you’ll want to take a look at Glass Arts’ Indiana’s website and social profiles.

In addition to classes and workshops, the glass center also offers kits to make your own artwork. You can learn the basic techniques of making art with glass at home through a glass blowing class. Younger students should be supervised by an adult. Whether you’re looking for an exciting new hobby or simply want to expand your knowledge of the process, the center offers classes to help you get started. And if you’re looking for a fun activity to do with your children, you can even take one of their summer camps.

The glass arts community in Indiana is growing, and the Indiana Glass Arts Council is an excellent resource for artists and patrons. The organization sponsors local and state events that promote the glass arts. In addition to promoting a new artist’s work, GlassArts.Individuals from all over the state can also take advantage of the opportunities provided by GlassArts. Listed below are a few of the most prominent members of the Indiana Glass Arts Council.

In addition to the many public events, GlassArts Indiana also hosts numerous private studios. The organization sponsors events and other activities in the state to increase the appreciation of glass art. By doing this, the organization promotes the arts in Indiana and its citizens. They even have a website. Besides the physical location, the organization also has a social media presence. There are a number of events that are free for the public to attend.

GlassArts Indiana also sponsors local events. Whether you’re looking to learn how to make glass or just want to purchase some beautiful glass pieces, there are many reasons to take up this exciting art form. A glassblowing class taught by a professional is a great way to start learning the craft, but you can also try your hand at it for yourself. Most of these classes are free and open to the public. You can also find these classes through social media.

Deb Achgill, a Lafayette, Indiana native, has been creating beautiful glass pieces for over twenty-five years. She studied at Purdue University and spent most of her career working in a pharmaceutical company. After seeing a demonstration, she became intrigued by the glass medium. She decided to sign up for a fused glass class taught by a local artist, and then experimented with designs and techniques. Once she had acquired her own kiln, she began producing many pieces for her family and friends.

Glass Arts Indiana is a nonprofit organization that encourages artistic endeavors and promotes appreciation of the glass arts. In addition to hosting-state events, the organization also sponsors local events and supports emerging Indiana glass artists. The association’s mission is to increase appreciation of the glass arts throughout the state. In addition to fostering an awareness of these unique arts, GlassArtsIndiana has many benefits to offer its members. Its members are encouraged to attend local exhibitions, teach classes, and exhibit their work.

In addition to promoting glass artists, the group also supports new and emerging artists. By promoting education and exhibitions, Glass Arts Indiana has become an important resource for the glass arts community in the state. The association is a great place to network and share art. For more information, visit the website at This listing includes links to several of the organization’s social media pages.

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