Fuel Tech Inc.


Fuel Tech Inc. develops proprietary technologies for air pollution control, process optimization, and water treatment. The company provides engineering services to customers using these technologies to help them operate cost-efficiently. The company has over 1,200 installations around the world. Its Air Pollution Control segment uses technologies to reduce nitrogen oxides in flue gases. In addition, it provides solutions that use chemical processes and advanced modeling techniques to reduce sulfur trioxide emissions in combustion units.

The company also makes products for water treatment and multi-pollutant emissions control. Two of its product lines are Air Pollution Control (APC), which is designed to reduce emissions from coal energy plants, and FuelChem, which improves the efficiency of combustion source energy plants. Another product line, REDOX chemical additives, aims to improve the performance and operating costs of power plants. Fuel Tech has completed more than 1,200 installations in 26 countries.

The company uses a range of advanced technologies to provide air pollution control, boiler optimization, combustion efficiency, and efficiency solutions for various industries. Fuel Tech operates through two segments, FUEL CHEM Technologies and Air Pollution Control Technologies. Each segment focuses on a specific technology that helps a company achieve its objectives.

Fuel Tech offers dual-channel alcohol oxygen sensor signal conditioners that allow the sensors to receive a proper signal even at low AFRs. In addition, it has harnesses for NTK and Bosch wideband alcohol oxygen sensors. These products are designed to allow for ease of installation and customization. In addition to these products, Fuel Tech also provides fuel management and electronic tuning courses to help customers make informed decisions regarding fuel management and performance.

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