El Techo Philly: A Homemade Mexican Restaurant in Philadelphia, PA


Every city has its hidden gems, and Philadelphia is no exception. From old Victorian houses to century-old churches, there’s always something around the next corner that you haven’t seen before. That’s where you come in: each of us have our areas of expertise and we know every nook and cranny in this city like the back of our hands. For example, one beautiful Sunday afternoon, I drove my fiancé out to the suburbs to a little family owned Mexican restaurant called El Techo Philly. El TeCHO plans to be a community restaurant inspiring connection and creativity through food presentation, music & art. The neighborhood it is in is just as important as what goes on inside the walls. The owners are careful about who they partner with i…n order for their vision to become a reality

Introduction to El Techo Philly

El Techo Philly is a family-owned restaurant in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It’s a quiet place that looks like it could have been there for years, nestled in between a couple of houses. It’s a super simple place with a few tables in the front and back of the restaurant, with an open kitchen and a bar to the side. The walls are decorated with old Mexican maps, advertisements, and posters, making the place feel warm and welcoming. The owners, Candice and Francisco, are really nice and inviting. They are welcoming to all customers and are always willing to help with anything you need. They are also trying to create a community where people can connect and feel at home.

What’s the story with El Techo Philly?

El Techo Philly is owned by Francisco and Candice, who are both originally from Mexico. They met at a yoga retreat in Vermont and fell in love, moving to Philadelphia to be together. After settling in, the two were both very interested in the Mexican culture in Philadelphia and the restaurant business. They decided to open a restaurant together in order to show their love for the Mexican culture through food while inspiring connection and creativity in the community. El Techo Philly is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, where the interest in Mexican food is slightly lower. Due to the nature of the area, the restaurant hopes to serve as a bridge between the Mexican culture and the larger Philadelphian community.

The Food at El Techo Philly

El Techo Philly is Jamaican-owned, which means they have incredible Jamaican food (Jerk chicken tacos, anyone?). They are also known for their authentic Mexican dishes like the queso with guacamole, the homemade chips and salsa, and the sopes. Their menu is constantly changing and evolving in order to reflect the seasons and what’s available in the grocery store. Sopes are corn tortillas with a variety of fillings like meat, chicharron, beans, cheese, and more. The sopes at El Techo Philly are amazing. The corn tortilla is homemade and warm, the filling is authentic, and they finish the dish with a fresh guacamole, salsa, and pico de gallo. A truly great plate of sopes.

The Drink Menu at El Techo Philly

El Techo Philly serves a variety of margaritas, beer, and specialty drinks like the Mye cocktail, a drink made with Mye Dey Jamaican rum, Mye Dey sugar cane, and Mye Dey ginger beer. They also make fresh guacamole with pico de gallo, which is blended with fresh diced tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and chile. The Mye is a margarita with Jamaican rum, Mye dey Jamaican rum, Mye dey Jamaican sugar cane rum syrup, fresh lime juice, and Mye dey ginger beer. This drink is so good and so refreshing, it’s perfect for those hot summer days.

Final Words

If you’ve never been to El Techo Philly, then you’re missing out. It’s a small family-owned restaurant in the suburbs of Philadelphia that serves authentic Mexican food. Everything is homemade, including the chips and salsa. If you love Mexican food, then you need to make the trip out to El Techo Philly. Make sure to check the upcoming events on their Facebook page, as they often do different events like tastings,Mexican food classes, and more. They want to be a community space where people can connect and feel at home.

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