Buy an Action Figure of Tech Bad Batch From “The Clone Wars”


A valuable soldier in the Republic army, Tech Bad Batch belonged to a special unit called Clone Force 99. Although not physically imposing, he possessed unmatched talents in science and technology. He was the product of genetic manipulation, and was an excellent soldier. However, his special unit was dissolved and he was lost forever.

While serving as an Imperial soldier, Tech Bad Batch failed to detect the inhibitor chip that had been implanted into his brain. As a result, the Empire began to experiment on Tech and his brothers to determine their fighting prowess. As a result, the Empire gave them live ammunition to test their battle prowess. The brothers eventually defected to the new Empire, but their clone Omega remained to serve the Emperor.

The upcoming season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has revealed a new animated series titled “The Bad Batch.” The show revolves around a ragtag squad of clone commandos known as Clone Force 99. The show premiered on April 17, 2015, and will continue with a new season on February 21, 2020. Tech, a weapons and computer specialist, is the most talkative character in the series, and can solve technical problems faster than many droids.

While Tech is a valuable soldier in the Republic, he was also a highly coveted member of the Clone Force 99 special unit. He was not physically imposing, but his unmatched gifts in technology and science made him an invaluable member of the Clone Army. He also had unmatched powers of observation and decision making, which made him an ideal candidate for the role of intelligence officer in the squad. So, if you’re looking for an authentic Tech Bad Batch costume, you’ve come to the right place!

This figure is very detailed, and is 2.5 inches tall. It has poseable arms and legs and 6 detachable accessories. The company’s Star Wars products are licensed by Lucasfilm Ltd., but the trademark is owned by Hasbro. If you’re looking for an action figure of your favorite character from the “Bad Batch,” you can’t go wrong with “The tech bad batch” by Hasbro.

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