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As an assembly worker at x-IS Tech Inc., you will be responsible for building electronic instruments and mechanical subassemblies. You will also perform minor electrical wiring, use a powder press, and perform other production tasks. As an assembly worker, you will be following standard blueprints to create products. You will be expected to follow assembly procedures, operate a forklift, and follow standard blueprints to assemble parts.

Job Description

X-IS Tech Inc. is a manufacturing company that focuses on electronic instruments. The job description for assembly workers entails building and assembling various mechanical subassemblies. In addition to building electronic instruments, assembly workers are also responsible for using a powder press and minor electrical cabling. A background in electromechanical assemblies and a willingness to learn new skills are essential for the position.


The Technical Writer is responsible for creating machine operations manuals, maintenance manuals, Marcom for customer documentation, and marketing material. This role requires an A.S. Degree in Business or Inventory Management and PC proficiency. Experience in Internet Buying, Flow Manufacturing, or Oracle Systems is advantageous. Candidates should have strong interpersonal and communication skills. In addition, they must be able to work with a variety of personalities.

Assemblers follow work orders to ensure product completion and conformance with blueprint specifications. They must also cut wire and trim excess material to blue specifications, stake plastic floats, install PCV, and adjust assembled harnesses and stems. Assemblers must also perform visual inspections and possess exceptional communication skills. The responsibilities and salary at x-is tech inc are varied and the work environment is fast-paced and dynamic.

Work Environment

The Work Environment at X-IS Tech Inc. is an excellent place to work if you are a self-starter and enjoy solving problems. It’s also a highly visible role within the company where you’ll have the chance to positively impact the success of the business. This is a part-time temporary contract position. As long as you’re an excellent communicator and you have excellent problem-solving skills, you’ll be in great shape.

Application process

Interested in working for X-IS Tech Inc? Find out the application process, including what you need to send and how you can get the job. You should have an FC diploma or equivalent, as well as transcripts, references, and other documents to apply for this position. After you’ve submitted your application, the company will send you a letter of acceptance or rejection, and you’ll then have to complete the interview process.

Assembling Jobs at x-IS Tech Inc

Assembling electronic instruments and mechanical subassemblies at x-IS Tech Inc. involves following standard blueprints, operating a forklift, and performing other production tasks. Assembling duties include building electronic instruments and mechanical subassemblies, but workers may also perform minor electrical cabling and use a powder press. Assembling workers at x-IS Tech Inc. need to be experienced in electromechanical assemblies.

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