Apex Entertainment in Marlborough, Massachusetts



Apex Entertainment is a million square feet of pure fun. The complex is off I-495 on rt 20 in Wilmington, NC and features indoor go-kart racing, 30 lanes of bowling, 70+ arcade games, VR Rabbids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 360-degree bumper cars, and a restaurant. Soon, Apex Kids will be opening!

Apex Entertainment Marlborough offers outdoor racing in a beautiful outdoor venue. The karts are environmentally friendly and safe for kids and adults. They are also easy to drive and ergonomically designed for optimal comfort. You can practice your skills on a practice track before you race. You can even take a break at a restaurant located inside the complex and grab a quick bite to eat afterwards.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough is a great venue for racing enthusiasts. The indoor, multi-level track allows you to practice without worrying about bad weather. Sodi RC karts are safe and environmentally friendly. You can ride them for up to 45mph in one go, depending on the model and the driver’s ability. There are also many rental options available for beginners and experienced racers.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough is an open-air venue. This location is ideal for families and children. The electric karts are a blast to drive, making them an environmentally friendly choice for families. You can also take a break from racing in the karts and relax in the restaurant in-between. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time racer or a seasoned veteran, you can learn from the team’s experience.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough is an open-air venue for racing. The karts are environmentally-friendly and easy to operate. Both experienced and novice racers can enjoy the experience. The company also has a restaurant in the facility. This allows customers to eat in-between races and try out their new skills. This is an excellent way to bond with family. Regardless of whether you want to try out new karts or get the best practice, you can’t go wrong with a fun new hobby.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough has a unique open-air venue that is ideal for families. The karts are environmentally friendly, which is great for the environment. The karts are eco-friendly and easy to drive, which makes them perfect for families. The company is also a great place to eat, since they serve a variety of food and drinks. They have even been around for more than a decade and have won countless awards.

Apex Marlborough is a great place to take your family for a day of fun. The race track is open to the public and is always open for business. The karts are environmentally friendly and the RTX Sodi karts are the fastest in the area. The RTX Sodi karts are electric, which means they are safer than a traditional gas engine.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough has an open-air venue with 26 RTX Sodi karts for racing. These eco-friendly karts can reach speeds of 45mph. They are easy to maneuver and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. They are great for families. In addition to the karts, Apex Marlborough has a restaurant inside. A variety of foods is available for purchase in the cafe.

The Apex Entertainment Marlborough facility is an open-air venue with a family-friendly environment. You can enjoy the karts and the arcade games while you’re there. There’s no gas needed to run the facility. And if you’re a seasoned racer, you can even practice in the pits before taking the karts out on the track.

The Apex Entertainment Marlborough location offers a large multi-level indoor track and dedicated apex entertainment go kart races. The facility is open year-round and has a fully-stocked arcade. You and your family can race apex entertainment go kart at this venue. You can also rent a gyroscope and watch your friends’ race.

Apex Entertainment Marlborough is a multi-level indoor track with a large number of attractions for the whole family. Featuring RTX Sodi karts that reach 45mph, the track is perfect for a family outing or a fun night out with friends. Besides the indoor track, Apex also has a restaurant, laser tag arena, and arcade. Aside from the go karts, there’s a full restaurant menu and over 65 gluten-free items for the whole family.

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