A San Antonio Shooting Leaves Two Dead and One Critically Injured


A recent San Antonio shooting has left two dead and one critically injured. Authorities say a man approached the victims in a car, pulled out a gun, and opened fire. The motive for the attack is unclear. Police have not released any additional information about the victims or suspect.

After the shooting, former San Antonio police officer James Brennand was arrested on charges of aggravated assault by a public servant. The shooting occurred in the parking lot of a McDonald’s on Oct. 2. Video of the shooting went viral on social media. An officer’s body cam captured the shooting. After asking the driver to exit the vehicle, Brennand opened fire, striking the 17-year-old driver. The shooting took place just two days after the driver was stopped by the police. The teen’s condition was critical and he was placed on life support.

According to the video footage, the officer approached Cantu’s vehicle without knocking, and he told the teenager, “Get out of the car!” The teen replied, “What?” with his mouth full of food. He then tried to walk away. The officer grabbed his wrist and held it in two places, until he was unable to move. The officer was then able to shoot Cantu.

The San Antonio shooting occurred in the evening of Saturday night. Authorities are investigating the incident. The motive is unknown. Authorities are investigating, but they have not identified any suspects. The incident occurred in the backyard of a home in San Antonio, Texas. It happened after midnight while the family was having a barbecue.

A man was shot in a parking lot near an apartment complex. The man had fled a traffic stop. San Antonio shooting police responded to the scene shortly after. The incident occurred on the southwest side of the city near Quintana Road and Dunton Street. The victim was rushed to the hospital. The man’s name was not released at this time. It was unclear why he had fled the scene.

In a separate incident on Friday evening, a San Antonio police officer was shot in the hand. Two suspects were killed and a third was injured. San Antonio police are also searching for the person who shot a 22-year-old man outside a convenience store on the city’s West Side. Investigators said two masked men were responsible for the shooting.

In the aftermath of the San Antonio shooting, many students and parents began calling their parents. The city police responded with 58 officers. A man shoved his fist through the window to gain access. Police then applied a tourniquet to his arm and lacerated the man’s arm. The police also handcuffed a number of students after a physical struggle. However, no arrests were made.

The SAPD chief was unable to be reached by phone late Saturday. However, William McManus, the police chief, told television station WOAI that Brennand should not have opened fire. The shooting case was later resolved and charges against the officer were dropped. However, this case has raised a number of controversial issues. It’s possible that the SAPD’s investigation will reveal what happened.

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