A Bronx Shooting Has Left One Person in Critical Condition


A Bronx shooting has sent one person to the hospital. The incident occurred before 5 p.m. in the South Bronx, near the border of Mott Haven. Police are searching for the suspects. One of the alleged gunmen is in custody, while two other men are on the loose. The investigation is ongoing, but officials have not released the identities of the suspects. The incident is the latest in a string of deadly shootings in the borough.

In January, a stray bullet struck an 11-month-old girl as she was diving for cover. A man who was pursuing another man fired the bullet and the suspect shot the child in the head, but the stray bullet evaded the target. The shooting injured the girl, who was rushed to a hospital in critical condition. Luckily, she recovered and is now at home. However, the suspect who shot her has not been identified.

In addition to the murder and attempted murder charges, the suspect in the case is facing several other charges. Police are pursuing the case in the Bronx Criminal Court. They have not released the name of the teen yet, but they have released the image of the handgun that was used in the incident.

The shooting was the second of the year for Mount Vernon police officers. During a chase, Johnson fled in his car and was chased by police. He then crashed the car into a gas station. Investigators say he was under the influence of drugs when he escaped. But in the case of a police officer, this is a different story. In fact, the officer who shot the driver was never charged.

The man in the moped also tried to shoot a man on foot, but he missed his target and hit the girl. The police are still searching for him. The suspects are still at large, and the girl is in critical condition. Police are searching for the two suspects on the scooter. In the meantime, the victim was hit in the abdomen. The girl died later from her injuries. The case has left the area shaken.

Two days after the shooting, police arrested a 14-year-old boy on murder charges. The incident occurred in a high-rise complex near East 158th Street and Park Avenue. Police say it was a gang-related act. Police have not released the identity of the suspect. However, they say the shooting is gang-related. They are investigating whether it was an accident or a targeted attack. The police are still seeking answers about the incident.

A Bronx shooting occurred before 4 a.m. on Saturday. The two victims were involved in a fight on a street near Bill Rainey Park. One of the shooters shot the man in the chest, and the other shot the woman in the leg. After the shootout, the two shooters fled on motorized scooters. Although the man did not survive, the woman was in stable condition.

The incident is being investigated by the NYPD. Police have released surveillance video of the suspects. Police are now looking for the gunman and the driver of the scooter. Police also want to find the intended target of the bullet. They are also asking for the public’s help in identifying the shooter.

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