5 Examples of an Asian American Fashion Blogger


If you’re looking for a great example of an Asian American fashion blogger, check out Jessica Wang. This Chinese-American digital influencer launched her blog NotJessFashion in 2014, and her global fan base has grown to more than a million people. Her style content and publication-worthy moments have a huge impact on the Asian-American community. She is an expert at digital storytelling, and shares fresh style content and fashion moments on a regular basis.

Xie Xie

In addition to blogging about fashion, Xie teaches her readers about home schooling and her experiences in the tech industry. In addition to being an avid reader, Xie is also an aspiring actress, who recently made her Hollywood debut in the Netflix series Bling Empire. Her style is bold and colorful, and she is quickly becoming one of the most influential Asian American fashion blogger.

Originally from Taiwan, Xie grew up in California and became involved in gymnastics, which she continued to pursue throughout her schooling. She later switched schools, to attend an online school where she could tour and compete more easily. During a recent YouTube vlog, Xie revealed that her love of fashion is derived from her maternal grandfather, who lived in Taiwan and worked as a menswear designer.

Xie’s parents are billionaire technologist Ken Xie and a Taiwanese woman named Anna. She found her love for fashion while studying luxury brands in eighth grade and spent her early childhood watching runway shows on YouTube. She grew up sitting in front of different fashion week showcases and gained a loyal following. Xie’s blog, Bling Empire, is one of the top fashion bloggers today.

Xie’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million by 2022. Her parents are billionaires in cybersecurity, and her father often plays the role of photographer. She lives in a luxurious Northern California villa, complete with a swimming pool, tennis courts, and spacious grounds. Moreover, her social media presence has made her a household name and a social media sensation.

Phyllis Myung

Phyllis Myung is an Asian-American fashion blogger who writes about raising an ethnically diverse child. Her blog is fun and humorous, and covers a variety of topics, from parenting to current events. Her blog is a great resource for parents who want to learn more about raising an ethnically diverse child. In addition to her insightful writing, Phyllis also provides useful tips and resources.

Phyllis Myung, who lives in Los Angeles, is a popular Asian-American fashion blogger. Her blog explores Asian-American culture, including traditions, foods, and family. She also explores current events and reflects on her experiences. She also writes about her experiences as an Asian-American mother. Her work has received national recognition. Her blog is read by a wide variety of people, and she has won several awards.

Nicole Warne

The rise of the Asian American fashion blogging community has been fueled by the recent attention given to Warne’s success. Born in Australia to Korean-Japanese parents, Warne has been featured on several glossy magazines and has been a guest judge on several events. She has also walked the runway for Roland Mouret and hosted the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. Currently, Warne is a featured blogger on several websites and has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram.

The rise of Warne’s online presence has been attributed to her creativity. Before e-commerce and blogging crazes, Warne was selling vintage clothes on eBay and launching her own blog, Gary Pepper Vintage. Soon after, the blog became a registered company, and she sold her carefully curated finds to women around the world. As her online presence grew, she focused more on building a character called the “Garlic Pepper Girl.” Her success earned her the attention of leading fashion brands, including Chanel, and she became one of the first bloggers signed to IMG.

In addition to being a popular fashion blogger, Warne is also an entrepreneur and consultant for several fashion brands. In fact, she was recently featured in Vogue for her destination wedding. In addition, she has adopted a daughter, Suki. The entrepreneur, model, and Adopt Change ambassador is also an adoptee, and her family roots are in South Korea. In addition to her New York location, Nicole Warne is a former resident of the Central Coast of NSW.

Chriselle Lim

Aside from blogging about the latest trends, Chriselle Lim has a background in the fashion industry. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, where she developed an eye for fashion. She now owns her own company and serves as editor-in-chief of GENLUX magazine. Aside from her own blog, Lim also has her own business, which has gained millions of followers on social media.

Besides being a highly popular fashion blogger, Lim is also the founder of an online branded content studio and has garnered over 2.5 million followers on social media. Her brand, Chriselle Inc., is backed by her mother Lauren Fong, who is the president of the company. Her Instagram channel has a wide audience of over 2.6 million users. In addition, she also regularly posts about Korean fashion and beauty.

Aside from blogging about fashion, Lim also shares her life stories and experiences. The Asian-American fashion blogger started her blog in 2014 and has since become an influencer in her field. She incorporates her family into her blog, and her style aesthetics are breath-taking. As a parent, she understands the importance of privacy and makes sure that her readers are comfortable with her content. She is also a great role model to many young women.

Eva Chen

Born on 24 September 1979, Eva Chen is an Asian American fashion blogger and author. Born in New York, she grew up in a middle-class family. She attended Brearley School and Johns Hopkins University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in pre-medical studies. Chen later changed her major to English and graduated with a degree in journalism. Chen also gave commencement remarks at the university.

Before becoming a fashion blogger, Chen worked as an editor for Lucky Magazine. She also worked for Teen Vogue, which is a digital magazine, and served as its youngest editor-in-chief. She is also the head of Instagram’s fashion partnerships. Her debut children’s book, Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes, is scheduled to be released on Nov. 6. Chen will tell the story of a young girl named Juno Valentine, who steps into the shoes of female icons throughout history.

Aside from being an Asian American fashion blogger, Eva Chen has been an editor at Lucky magazine and a director at Teen Vogue. She has published eight children’s books and has two million followers on Instagram. She also writes children’s books, and her latest book, “I Am Golden,” explores racial identity. Eva Chen’s website is also an online magazine. She shares her life experiences with her readers.

Rumi Neely

As an Asian American fashion blogger, Rumi Neely has been making waves online since 2008. The 35-year-old hails from Japanese, Dutch, and Scottish heritage. She has partnered with notable brands and has been featured on CNN, Teen Vogue, and Lucky. Her style is so influential that she’s even collaborated with a luxury women’s clothing brand. Read on to find out more about Rumi Neely’s career and where she got started.

The blogger began posting outfits on her blog in 2006 and has gained popularity in the fashion industry. Since then, she has created a genre of her own, featuring her laid-back California girl look. She has been featured in magazines such as Refinery29 and Teen Vogue, and has sat in the front row of Fashion Week. Now, she’s planning to open a permanent SoHo shop.

The emergence of Asian fashion bloggers has made the fashion industry more culturally aware. Initially, Asian bloggers built their blogs’ reputations through their personal style and fashion commentary. Later, they branched out into partnerships with luxury brands and were gifted designer clothing. These Asian fashion bloggers’ success paved the way for Asian creators in the industry to get their own brand recognition. Whether they were gifted designer clothes or partnered with luxury brands, Asian bloggers have helped the industry become more diverse and inclusive.

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