5 Easy Steps to Sketch Cartoon Cat Drawing



How to draw a Cartoon Cat is basically a step by step pictorial process which has gathered and created all the basic sketching procedures in a logical sequence of step by step illustrations for you to follow closely and attempt to draw your own Cartoon Cat. Needless to say this is not an exhaustive look into drawing Cartoon Cats, however it is a good start and one that you could hopefully become inspired to sketch up any Cartoon Cats of your own eventually. Here are the step by step instructions:

First you need to start with some simple yet effective sketching tools. To be able to produce good quality cartoon cat drawings, you will need the basic drawing supplies, namely: two drawing pads of different sizes, two pencils of differing sharpness, a piece of paper to draw on, and a pair of scissors, just in case. With these supplies you can produce good quality sketches of your choice of cartoon cat. To begin, hold one of your drawing pads parallel to the other and start drawing with your pencils. Keep your shoulder’s width apart.

Next, take the second pencil and trace a line along one of your sketches, starting from the tip of your nose and going all the way over your head. Stop when you reach the tip of your tail. For the next step, draw a line across your head just past where the first line stopped and then do the exact same thing for the remaining sketches. This is basically the first step towards cartoon cat drawing.

The second step is pretty self explanatory, but if you have any questions just ask! And after you’ve gotten a grasp on this, it’s time to move onto some more detailed drawing. To help you learn how to draw cartoon cats more easily, here are some ideas for improving your style:

– When you’re drawing a cartoon cat, make sure to draw one with its front feet on the paper, while the back legs remain out in the picture. In this step, we will continue with the very simplest technique that you can do. To make this easier, you will use the tip of a pencil.

– In the next step of this cartoon cat drawing tutorial, we will move on to some more detailed drawing. As you may have noticed, our cat was pretty simple when it was just drawn with a pencil. It has only one nose, two eyes, two ears, and one tail. So in order to make our cat more attractive, we will add some features to it, such as: a smile, a raised eyebrow, and a big expressive face.

– To make your drawing more attractive, we can add some shadow to its features. To do this, draw the fur or skin first, and then the outline of it. Then draw the fur or skin by tracing the side of the head. Once you’re done with this part, you should go ahead and draw the lines of the stripes. It will look like a series of black dots that are radiating out from the center of each hair/fur.

– Finally, to finish this cartoon cat drawing tutorial, we need to add some shading to the drawing. This is done by thinning out the lines. To do this, draw some thick lines at the sides, and then thinner lines towards the middle of the drawing. You should also make sure to blend the edges of your drawing with the ones in your sketches. By doing this, you will end up with an attractive drawing of your cat.

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