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Play M Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company founded in 2019. It was created by the merger of several companies, including the Kakao M label, Plan A Entertainment, and FAVE Entertainment. These companies have a vast array of talent in their roster, which is why you should audition with them. In addition to being a part of the entertainment industry, you can also perform in play m entertainment games and win cash prizes for them.

Play m Entertainment Audition

It’s time for Play M Entertainment to open its auditions! The Korean agency, which has been gaining momentum for over a decade, is now looking to sign a new girl group called Weeekly. This new group will consist of seven members and debut in June. The company is one of the first to sign a female group since the early 2000s when they teamed up with a Korean idol group, VICTON. While Play M may not be as popular as the SM Entertainment label, it has made quite a name for itself in the entertainment industry, with the recent signing of actress Huening Bahiyyyih.

The company has partnered with various entertainment agencies to expand their reach internationally. The company was founded in April 2019 by Kakao M and will be the first in South Korea to open an audition for its new record label. If you’re interested in joining Play M, you’ll be able to apply online. For more information, read below. And don’t forget to follow the official Play M Entertainment audition instructions. It’s an important step towards breaking into the world of entertainment!

Play m Entertainment Building

Plan A, formerly known as Play M Entertainment, is a Korean agency with offices in Seoul and New York City. The agency’s members include Kakao M and former Fave Entertainment group Apink. Play M released a small number of singles in 2019, with Apink’s %% creating a big buzz in January and Oh Hayoung making a successful solo debut in August. The agency also reunited Victon, with its newest album proving popular and boosting its overall sales and popularity. In addition, the agency’s young male group Lim Jimin is well-positioned for success with the agency’s upcoming boy group.

Play M Entertainment is one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies. The company’s first release was the girl group Apink, which was instrumental in its expansion and building. The group was originally known as Acube Entertainment, but Play M Entertainment merged with the latter company and changed its name to Play M Entertainment. Soon after, Choi Jinho sold off his remaining shares to Kakao M and renamed the company Play M Entertainment.

Play m Entertainment Artist

You’ve probably heard about Play M Entertainment or even heard one of their artists’ music. If not, you’re missing out on some of the best music in Korea today. From the original artist profile to the newly-released songs, these new artists are making waves on the K-pop music scene. Here are some of their most notable works:

APINK (K-pop): APINK is an international girl group known for their bubblegum and synth-pop genres. It’s one of the most popular groups, but it’s only released 1 album per year. Since then, fans have been dissatisfied with the lack of updates and promotions. Their fans have taken to trending the hashtag #PLAYMTreatAPinkBetter on social media. The hashtag is currently trending at #3 in Malaysia.

Play m Entertainment Twitter

Fans have been anxiously waiting to find out which agency Huening Bahiyyih would be joining. The entertainment agency Play M Entertainment has answered their prayers and posted several photos of the budding idol. The agency even asked its fans to cast their votes for her in the latest episode of Girls Planet 999. Huening Bahiyyih is thrilled that she will be represented by Play M Entertainment. The young girl has been working hard to become an idol while being an independent trainee.

In addition to promoting their own artists, the company has also promoted the careers of other K-pop artists. Apink, one of the oldest groups, only makes one comeback every year. Fans have become dissatisfied with the lack of updates and promotions. One hashtag trending on Twitter is #PlayMTreatApinkBetter. It is currently trending third in Malaysia. A recent article on K-pop’s popularity revealed the countless ways in which the agency is taking advantage of its status as a media giant.


is Play m Entertainment a Good Company

Huening Bahiyyih has been teasing fans about her new agency for quite some time, and she has chosen Play M Entertainment as her agency. Huening Bahiyyih has been working towards her idol career as an independent trainee, and now she has officially signed with Play M Entertainment. It will be interesting to see what she can do with her new agency. Here are some of her best tips for choosing a good company.

Apink, the popular K-pop group, is part of Play M Entertainment. Apink is best known for her synth-pop and bubblegum genres, and she’s one of the oldest groups. However, she only has one comeback every year. The lack of promotions and updates has disappointed fans, and she’s trending with the hashtag #PLAYMTreatApinkBetter on Twitter.

Play m Entertainment Bahiyyih

It is true that Bahiyyih fans are legitimately indignado. However, the plight of their beloved star is not over. The fans have poured out their feelings and sent massive electronic messages to Jugar M Entertainment. Fortunately, the company has responded to these requests. Here are some of them. We hope that you will read their message and take action if you agree with their feelings.

Play m Entertainment trainees

The newly formed girl group, PlayM Entertainment, is gearing up for their debut. The company has recently released a video of two of its trainees, Jo Hye Won and Zoa. The video was titled “WHO ARE YOU?” and features both of these trainees’ real names: Jo Hye Won and Zoa, respectively. In the video, the trainees open a box that contains a card that reads “Zoa” for Hyewon and Jihan for Jihyo.

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The new trainees are Play M Entertainment’s newest girl group, known as the Play M Girls. These trainees are expected to follow in the footsteps of their famous seniors. As of late November, the group is expected to officially introduce the group to the public. It’s unclear whether or not the new trainees are actually from Play M Entertainment or other agencies. For now, it’s too early to tell, but it’s always best to remain positive and focused.

Ist Entertainment Audition

IST Entertainment has revealed the names of the members of their upcoming boy group, Team ATBO. They were selected through the global idol audition show ‘The Origin’, which aired from March to May this year. The team was originally called ABO, but fans from overseas worried that the name could mean something else. Hence, the group’s name has been changed to ATBO. This announcement comes amidst speculations over the future of the group.

IST Entertainment, the agency behind popular K-pop groups like The Boyz and Apink, has announced a new boy group, ABO. The members of ABO will make their debut later this year. The new group was selected from a nationwide audition program that took place from March 19 to May 7. The members of the new boy group were born between 2002 and 2005. Among them are Seunghwan, Rakwon, Junho, and Junhwa. The group is expected to debut in late 2016.

Play M Entertainment Artists

Play M Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company that was established in 2019. The company was created through the merger of the Kakao M label and the Plan A Entertainment and FAVE Entertainment. The merger produced a variety of talented artists. Let’s take a closer look at the artist roster. These include both independent and label artists. Listed below are some of their notable credits. To learn more about Play M Entertainment, read on.


The Play M Entertainment company is a South Korean music label that was founded in 2011. It was originally known as A Cube Entertainment before merging with another Kakao M subsidiary label to create a larger entity. The label has since become the biggest independent Korean music company and has been home to over 100 artists. Its artists are listed below, grouped by genre. Here are some of the most famous Play M artists. Let us take a look at each one of them.


Play M Entertainment is a South Korean entertainment company, which operates under the Kakao Entertainment Group. The company was founded in 2011 and has since merged with another Kakao M subsidiary label, Plan A. The original company was originally named A Cube Entertainment, and the new entity is titled Play M Entertainment. Choi Jinho bought the remaining shares from Fave and changed the name to Play M Entertainment in January 2018.

Artists that Debuted Under Company

Play M Entertainment is an entertainment company in Korea. If you are looking for new artists, you can check out their original profiles. You may also want to see how many of these artists have already had their debuts under this company. However, there are some notable exceptions to the rule. Below are some artists that debuted under Play M. They will surely make your day. However, you should still check out their profiles before buying their songs.

Recently, play m entertainment has unveiled its new girl group called Weeekly. The group consists of seven members and is set to debut in June. This will be the first girl group under the agency since Apink in 2011. According to the press release, Play M Entertainment is addressing the growing interest in the group during pre-debut content. It will be the first girl group under Play M Entertainment since Apink was a hit in 2011.

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