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Logo design is a profession and educational field whose activity is involved in producing visual communicative signals meant to communicate specific corporate messages to different social groups. The designs thus produced are meant to communicate to customers, clients, and employees. Logo design generally refers to any sign used to represent a company or other organization. The most famous example of a logo is the logo of McDonald’s, a very popular and recognizable company in most parts of the world. Logos also serve as trademarks, which allow owners of the mark to market their own products and services.

There are lots of jobs for logo designers. These include corporate identities used for different kinds of businesses. They are also needed by architects, inventors, and artists. These professionals are involved in almost all aspects of business advertising and marketing. Corporate identity and business logo design are related in many ways.

The primary aim of corporate logos is to create a recognizable and unique brand identity for the business. Different kinds of signs or badges are created to make these identities clear and memorable for the public. In fact, these identities help businesses survive and succeed. Otherwise, without this kind of branding, their survival would be highly unlikely.

Logos are being designed professionally from the most talented and creative designers around the world. A lot of techniques and graphics tools are used in logo design process. These graphic tools enable the designer to express his creativity and imagination on the symbols he designs. He can use all kinds of fonts and color schemes to create different shades of colors and images. Sometimes, a designer may also use special effects such as shadows and reflections to add depth to some logos.

For most companies, logos provide a crucial identification tool for their brand identity. Logos can be the way for people to identify a certain product or a company among millions of other competitors. Without logos, a brand name would soon become just a common name that can be found in any place where people would find it. Without brand identity, the strength of a company or its products would soon fade away and its market potential would also be reduced.

The designers who specialize in creating brand identity can be called branding designers. They create logos for companies that want to communicate their corporate identity to the public in a very distinctive way. They can be involved in the conceptualizing and designing process from the concept to finalization of the logo design. Some of these designers work for a particular brand or product, while there are others who work for many brands.

Designers who specialize in creating branding identities are mostly associated with one or a few branding firms. They generally have a set of clients they recommend to other companies and they will take part in their brand identity development process. They do not usually participate in the actual logo design process as they prefer to have a close involvement in the branding process. Once completed, they will give their feedback on the logo design and make any suggested changes. After their feedback, the concerned company will then decide whether to proceed or not.


Most of the logo designers also participate in the research phase of the brand development process. In this phase, they analyze the target audience, competition and the current trends to get an idea of what colors, fonts, images and so forth will look like. This is known as brand analysis and involves deep study of the product, its values and goals. This requires an enormous amount of time to complete and therefore highly specialized people with excellent creative skill are needed. This is why a firm requiring an effective logo design is strongly recommended to employ an in-house team that has plenty of experience in creating effective brand identity designs.

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