What is Surreal Entertainment?


If you’re looking for YouTube channels that are filled with quirky and weird videos, you’ve probably heard of Surreal entertainment. However, what is it? Surreal entertainment is a Swedish YouTuber that produces eccentric, meme-style animated videos. These videos are often extremely funny and often feature wacky, bizarre, or even violent content. However, there is a lot more to surreal entertainment than just its quirky cartoons.

Surreal entertainment is a Swedish YouTuber

Surreal entertainment is a YouTube channel created by Samuel Dawson. The creator studied computer science and engineering before taking up YouTube as a hobby. While he still studies computer science and engineering, he enjoys making videos and is very dedicated to his channel. Samuel faces many challenges when creating videos for YouTube, however. He has largely avoided copyright issues by creating his own models. Here’s what you should know about Samuel’s YouTube channel.

Surreal Entertainment joined YouTube on January 10, 2018, and posted his first video the following day, earning over 140,000 views. His videos started out by focusing on popular characters from the Surreal Memes. Soon, he began posting poorly-made remakes of popular memes. The most popular video on his channel is a remake of ‘This Is America’ by Childish Gambino. The remake has over one hundred million views, so far, and is considered the most popular of his channel.

Samuel also has to keep up with the memes to keep his videos interesting. Each video can take anywhere from ten to forty hours, depending on the complexity of the scene and the number of characters. The real work, however, occurs in the research and the creation of his videos. Samuel searches YouTuber forums, Discord for his fans, and searches YouTuber friends to find the latest content. Samuel also checks with popular YouTuber channels such as Dolan Dark and Grandayy to see what they’re sharing.

It’s a Computer Hardware Company

Surreal Entertainment is a Computer Hardware company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They manufacture computers and other hardware. The company was founded in 1988 by Stuart Denman, Alan Patmore, Nick Radovich, and Mike Nichols. Their office is located at 830 Skyway Boulevard. The company employs over 130 people. It was later acquired by Warner Bros. Games and integrated into their Kirkland office.

Despite its namesake, Surreal Entertainment is also known for their funny videos. Their videos often feature celebrities such as Kanye West, Big Chungus, and Baby Yoda. Their videos are often made using blender animations with text-to-speech audio. While the titles are vague, they usually include a pun or reference to pop culture. Surreal Entertainment’s videos are largely worth watching for the absurdity of them.

It’s a Swedish YouTuber

Samuel, a Swedish YouTuber, makes videos that are like a cross between cartoons and memes. His videos are often inspired by recent events and feature characters that move in unusual ways. Some of his videos contain disturbing imagery and audio, so they are not for the faint of heart. But if you want to see some bizarre and hilarious videos, look no further. Just follow Samuel and you’ll be hooked in no time!


It has 57 Million Views

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It has 680,000 Subscribers

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