What Do the Fashionably Broke and Phyllis + Rosie Have in Common?






The fashionably broke team up with Phyllis + Rosie to design a capsule collection that’s equal parts vintage and modern. The collection was inspired by beachwear and vintage pieces, and each piece was carefully curated to fit into a timeless wardrobe. These are a few of their favorite pieces. What do they have in common? Read on to find out! Below: Natalie of the Fashionably Broke, Donna of Phyllis + Rosie, and Lindsey Jednak of the fashionably broke.

Donna of Phyllis + Rosie

“Donna of Phyllis + Rosie” is a new comedy based on the life of Phyllis Gould, a warship mechanic. During World War II, Gould and her fellow shipmates, known as the “Riveters,” were instrumental in winning the war, but their efforts were largely forgotten after the war. In the aftermath, Gould lobbied every political figure she could think of to create a day in honor of Rosie the Riveters. She lobbied hard to get it passed, and in the process, she was designing a gold medal for the ‘Riveters’.

She is survived by her husband Harold, one daughter, and three sons. Jimmy Stokes is married to Jennifer, while James and Scott Stokes are married to Rosie. Her other children are Billie Eversole, Carolyn Fox, and Richard Thompson. Donna also leaves behind two sisters and one brother. She will be sadly missed by many. Please share your memories of Donna. Please consider the family’s well wishes. The Thompson family offers sympathy to the family and their loved ones.


Lindsey Jednak of the Fashionably Broke

One elementary school teacher who is not only a style icon but has over 37,000 Instagram followers is Lindsey Jednak of The Fashionably Broke Teacher. Her personal style is an eclectic mix of color and bohemian chic. Bright colors and prints are prevalent on her Instagram page. Here are some of her top tips for dressing like a fashion blogger. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, consider following Lindsey Jednak.

A floppy red sweater and faux leather leggings from Bohemian Mama were the perfect fall wardrobe essentials for Jednak, a fashion blogger and teacher. Her outfit also included a pair of J.Crew snow boots and a beige knit beanie. While she might not have a budget for designer pieces, her wardrobe is certainly no less stylish.

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