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Learning how to sketch a rose using rose pencil is not difficult. The main obstacle is actually not wanting to give up your favorite pastime, even if it is not exactly how to sketch a rose. It can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience just for playing with your favorite colors. 

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in a chair and watching the clock tick away. The petals slowly fall before your eyes. Watching them float gracefully over your paper just makes you feel like you have time to think about your favorite things and savor each lovely drop. If you make a purchase through the links to get a little commission; that helps support this website.

Rose pencil drawings are so easy to do, that even beginners can do them. They are nice and easy to learn how to do, so your kids will enjoy doing them as well. Learn how to sketch a rose using rose pencil drawings by following the simple steps below. Before you start learning how to sketch a rose using rose pencil drawings, you will need to gather your supplies. 

Get a good set of pens/pencils, crayons, a ruler and either an old or new soft bristle brush. You want a large variety of tools in order to create lots of different petals. It may take several tries to get the balance right, but it will be worth the effort when you see your beautiful works of art.

When you are first learning how to sketch a rose using a pencil, start with just a few petals and try to draw the rose as if you are trying to catch a falling snowflake. Once you have mastered this technique, you can then start adding more petals. Continue practicing until you are absolutely comfortable in drawing a complete rose picture. Only then should you consider adding any additional detail to your drawing.

The next step in learning how to sketch a rose using rose pencils, is learning how to add shading to your drawing. You can achieve this through the use of a very narrow point of difference. When using a narrow point of difference, you will be able to add shading to the rose drawing by using a darker shade of the color you have chosen for the rose. When using a wide point of difference, you can simply use a lighter shade to add shading to your rose drawing. 

To make your rose more appealing to the eye, you can add highlights to your flower drawing. This can be done by using pencil highlights around the petals. Highlights also add dimension to the flower drawing, as well as depth. Using a soft, slightly darker shade of your favorite color to draw on the petals makes them appear to have depth. After you have added the highlights to your flower drawing, you can then fill in the details with some color.

When you are finished with your rose petal drawing, you should remember that you can apply shading and highlight areas that are not smooth or sharp. This is especially important when you are applying shading to areas such as the stem or blooms. For a more appealing final product, you can take some petals and shape them using the pencil. After that, you can tape the pieces together to form a smoother finished product. 

Once you have completed your rose petal sketch, you can work on drawing out the other main parts of the drawing. You should always begin with the easiest parts of the rose. The most important aspect of drawing out these softer parts first is that you can then add in the more detailed and hard to find parts as you go along. The easiest way to draw out the other parts of your rose is to make a horizontal line that runs through the middle of the petals, followed by an innermost petal.

After you have drawn out the rose flower, you can then move onto the different colors. You should keep in mind that drawing out colors in separate strokes helps you to see the contrast in values more clearly. When coloring with two different colors, begin by drawing out the base color, followed by the lighter shade. Continue this process until you reach the desired color that you want to draw.

To complete the rose petal sketch, you should always remember to add in a lot of black color. This is so you can bring out the texture of the petal as well as give it depth. The use of black is actually an effective way of adding shadows to the petals. The black color will not wash out with other colors that you may be applying to your drawings, but it is an important tool to create depth.

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