The Ultimate Guide To Building A Tech Deck BMX


If you have ever played basketball, then you know that it’s all about the plays. You need to have good shot blockers, good shooters, and good scorers for your team to win consistently. The same holds true for BMX riding. If you want to stand out on the track or trail, you need to think outside of the box and create something unique. Tech deck bmx are one of those unique things that nobody else has. They are essentially a mini skateboard that can be mounted onto your handlebars so that you can cruise through grass or dirt trails with ease. These days they are also being used by people who like to build their own bikes as well as people who like to ride fast on trails around their neighborhood or in a park. There actually isn’t a lot of information out there on how to build a tech deck bmx; however, if you follow the instructions carefully and research online, then anyone could build one.

What Is A Tech Deck?

Tech deck bmx are basically mini skateboards that have been adapted for bikes. They are made up of a wood deck, a skateboard-style truck, riser pads, and trucks that adjust to suit whatever bike you are using them with. The riser pads allow the tech deck to sit securely on your bike’s handlebars while preventing it from wobbling around or falling off. They are a great way to cruise around on unpaved trails or even the occasional smooth sidewalk or road. They’re also the perfect way to learn how to ride on a skateboard. Once you learn how to ride a tech deck bmx, you can easily transfer those skills to riding a skateboard or bike.

Tips For Building A Tech Deck

– If you want to build a tech deck bmx, then you first need to decide why you want to build one. Are you looking to cruise on trails or are you looking for a more street-oriented experience? Find out what types of riding you want to do on your tech deck and decide which materials will be best for that type of riding. – Once you know why you are building a tech deck, you need to find out as much information as you can about the process. Find out what tools you’ll need, what kind of wood you’ll need to use, and where you can get all of this for cheap. – Next, you need to find a place to build your tech deck. You can build your deck on a table or you can mount it to the wall. But be sure that whatever surface you choose is going to be easy to clean and is not going to stain easily. – Once you have a spot chosen, you’ll need to lay out all of your materials. This will let you plan which pieces of wood you’ll need and make sure there aren’t any holes in the wood that you’ll need to fix later. – Next, you’ll need to pick out which tools you’ll need to build your tech deck bmx. You can use a pocket knife, a power drill, or a hand saw. But be sure that you have all of the pieces of wood and screws that you’ll need before starting the project. – Once you have your tool list, you’ll want to go out and get the necessary pieces of wood. Once you get them, you’ll want to take a look at which parts of the deck you’ll need to assemble. This will let you see exactly where you need to place the pieces of wood.

Materials You’ll Need

– Wood – The deck of your tech deck bmx will be made up of wood, so you’ll want to pick some good quality wood for your project. You can use any kind of wood that you have around the house; however, you’ll want to make sure that the wood is not too soft or too hard for your project. – Screws – The next thing you’ll need to pick up is screws. You’ll need a bunch of different kinds of screws for your project. You’ll need wood screws for attaching the rails of the deck to the deck itself and stainless steel screws for mounting your trucks to the deck. – Riser Pads – The last piece of the puzzle is riser pads. These allow the tech deck bmx to sit securely on top of your handle bars while preventing it from wobbling or falling off. You can pick these up at almost any bike shop or online.

Final Words

Building your own tech deck bmx can be a very rewarding experience. If you do it right, you can build a deck that will last a lifetime and allow you to ride your bike in a new and exciting way. Follow these instructions carefully and you’ll end up with a great deck that will allow you to do everything BMX riding can.

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