The Met at Fashion Center Provides Tenants With Excellent Living Conditions



The Met at Fashion Center is an eight story gated complex located in Chandler, Arizona. It is one of the newest gated communities in the area and is managed by the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office. Four story, mixed-use building with 303 luxurious 1 and 2 bedrooms. It has two landscaped gardens and fountains, swimming pool and tennis/fencing facility.

A great investment opportunity with the Met at Fashion Center is the fact that there is not a sales front but rather a living space. That means you have full access to the property without ever leaving your home! That is what makes the Met at Fashion Center such a wonderful investment opportunity for those looking for a safe, secure and well kept neighborhood. When you live at the Met at Fashion Center you are actually renting from the management company.

As a registered real estate broker with the Arizona Department of Financial Services and a Certified Financial Planner the property manager works closely with you to create a lifestyle that you will enjoy for years to come. They make sure you have amenities that make your stay exciting and fun such as a pool, exercise room, meeting rooms, game rooms, and an on site laundry. With the convenience of a gated entry and a well-maintained common backyard, residents of the Met at Fashion Center enjoy a relaxed and safe neighborhood. The Met has a well-developed walking and shopping area and several designated bike paths around the periphery of the community.

Security is provided by the highly-professional staff at the Met at Fashion Center. Several events each year offer residents the opportunity to have “poker night” in the secured parking lot. There is a 24 hour security guard that responds to calls and conducts routine background checks as well as an onsite security officer that rotates throughout the complex. There is always a strong presence of police officers in the shopping complex and some of the parking lots. The most important feature of the security service at the Met at Fashion Center includes twenty-four hour surveillance. The surveillance staff consists of licensed professional security officers with combat experience and are highly skilled at apprehending shoplifters.

Security at the shopping center extends beyond the property boundaries as the Met has contracted the services of several companies that specialize in private security for its residents. All of the units at the Met are equipped with video surveillance and the tenants are assigned a leasing agent who is responsible for the supervision of the units. The leasing agents are thorough and are highly familiar with all of the laws pertaining to the lease and the restrictions of loaning money to residents of the complex. The tenants are required to follow the policies of the company and agree to not damage the property.

When the tenants arrive at the Met at Fashion Center they are expected to look out for themselves. A security officer watches the outside of all units, but he does not provide personal services to the residents. The security officer ensures that the tenants pay the rent and leave the property without neglect. Tenants are responsible for maintaining the property and the unit that they move into. Failure to do so is grounds for eviction.

The tenants also assume responsibility for their personal safety within the Met at Fashion Center. The property managers inform the tenants about emergency protocol and they go through training on how to safely work around security guards and police officers. The tenants are responsible for reporting any crime that they see. The company monitors the security and safety of its residents daily. Should there be an issue the property manager goes through the protocols with the police and the tenants and settles any issues that come up.

The leasing agent at the Met at Fashion Center watches for signs of trouble such as damaged cameras, missing money or drug use in the units and hallways. She will report this to the property manager. If the police write up a report the leasing agent at the Met at Fashion Center can contact the police. The leasing agent will go over the procedures with the tenants to make sure everything is done according to the law. If the tenants do not follow the rules and regulations the property manager will go through the process with the police and make the necessary reports to the landlord. The security guard at the Met at Fashion Center watches for shoplifters and thieves who break the law and reports them to the police.

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